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AnnaLynne McCord Opens up on her Past Abuse and Rape

Former 90210 star AnnaLynne McCord recently sat down with Access Hollywood, where she opened up about her past struggles, including being abused and raped by someone she trusted.

AnnaLynne spoke about the unhealthy relationships that stemmed out of being raped at age 18, and how she seemed out violence in her intimacy: “In order to cope with something that I couldn’t cope with, I made it pleasurable.” She said. “Like, ‘Okay. Let me make this a good thing, let me flip it'”.

“It’s a psychological thing that you do in order to keep moving forward” AnnaLynne continued. “And when you break through to light and realize ‘Oh I’m really just hurting myself’, you realize that you’re existing in what I like to call a false sense of free will”.

“That’s why I work with victims of sexual slavery, because I was enslaved to this belief system that I had to keep abusing myself in order to cope with the level of abuse I suffered.”

AnnaLynne then went on to describe a toxic and abusive relationship she had a little while back which almost led to her committing suicide.

AnnaLynne has made a short film called I Choose, to help raise awareness and fight for causes such as human abuse and trafficking. Be sure to check out the film here.

You can watch AnnaLynne’s full interview below.


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