Lucy Hale Dishes on Pretty Little Liars’ 5th Season and the fate of Ezria!

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Can you believe we’re already entering the fifth season of Pretty Little Liars?!

With the premiere of the new season just a day away, PLL star Lucy Hale sat down with E! News to chat about the upcoming season, and what’s in store for her character Aria Montgomery.

Lucy revealed that now that Ali has returned to Rosewood, all four girls will have to adjust having their old friend back from the grave.

“Yes they’re overjoyed that their friend is alive and back and they missed her, and they love her dearly but things are not the same as when she left,” Lucy explained. “They all kind of grew as individuals, and now that she’s back they can’t just pick up where they left off.”

Lucy also commented on what will happen between Aria and Ezra, after Ezra took a bullet for her in the season finale. Although Lucy didn’t say if she knew Aria would forgive Ezra for lying to her or not, she did call the new season “the season of forgiveness”. There’s still hope Ezria fans!

You can watch Lucy’s full interview right here.

Be sure to tune into the new season of PLL, starting tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9PM on ABC Family!

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