Teen Wolf’s Holland Roden Opens Up On Her Adopted Dog Fievel “I love her every day”

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After the season 4 premiere of MTV’s Teen Wolf last night, one of the stars of the show has opened up about her own furry, four-legged friend – that’s not a werewolf!

In a new video for peta2, Holland Roden opened up about adopting her beloved pooch Fievel, along with the importance of spaying and neutering pets.

“Once we started season two of Teen Wolf … I started looking for my Fievel,” Holland explains. “She’s a force to be reckoned with, and I love her every day. It’s such an incredible joy. It completely changes your life—having a dog—in the best of ways.”

Holland is a big advocate for adopting homeless pets, as well as spaying and neutering them to prevent millions from ending up in shelters. She says: “It’s something like 4 million [homeless dogs and cats] are euthanized every year, which I believe is about half of the amount of dogs and cats in shelters,” she continues. “If you look at those statistics and you look at those stories, you don’t think twice about spaying or neutering your dog.”

Also be sure to check out peta2.com for more information, along with a chance to win the first 2 seasons of Teen Wolf!

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