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Demi Lovato: “I’m the type of performer that just performs me and my band”

Singer Demi Lovato is currently gearing up for her very first world tour, the Demi World Tour, after spending the last few months on her wildly successful Neon Lights Tour.

The 21-year-old singer recently opened up on what fans can expect from the new tour, where she will be joined by MKTO and Christina Perri, along with what she wants to tackle in the future!

“I’m changing up a lot of stuff on my show because we wanted to make it different from the Neon Lights Tour. I’ll use a little bit of big production, but it doesn’t take over the show,” Demi explains.

Demi Lovato

“What I really like about performing is I get to be real with the audience,” she adds. “I’ll take time to talk to the audience. If I tell a few jokes, I tell a few jokes. If I’m silly on stage, then I’m silly. I don’t take it too seriously but at the same time I’m the type of performer that just performs me and my band.”

While it’s been over a year since her latest album DEMI was released, Demi is still going strong off of it’s success, and has now added the goal of “taking over” to her list!

“You know what, it’s my goal. Just to be as successful as I can right now,” she says. “If I still have energy, and I’m happy and healthy while I’m touring, why not keep going?”

For more information on Demi’s upcoming shows and tickets, be sure to visit her official website!


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