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‘Glee’ Star Jenna Ushkowitz Shares Her Fitness Journey with Fans

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Glee actress Jenna Ushkowitz shared her inspiring journey to a healthier lifestyle today on her official Tumblr page.

After having spent months sharing frequent fitness-inspired social media posts, Jenna updated fans on her journey by showing off the transformation her body has gone through as a result of her new healthy lifestyle.

In her new post, Jenna writes:

In honor of all my fitness posts, I am so proud to share with you my Before and After.

I started on this journey in February 2015. I have dropped 16 lbs and 8% body fat.

People have been asking me what I did to get here. This is a BALANCE of mental, physical and spiritual strength.
I’m not going to pretend I did this all myself. I sought out help from a nutritionist, therapist and trainer. I wanted to make myself accountable on all fronts. I know that people will say, “oh of course she did this, she had people watching over her…” But this is not the case. No one chastised me when I didn’t make a work out or didn’t eat right the night before. This was a test of willpower on my end. I tested and pushed myself to places mentally and physically I had never been or thought possible before.

I wrote out “wishes” for what my goals were while on this track and I taped them to my bathroom mirror to remind myself every morning when I woke up what I wanted for the day. It’s a day by day process. I had been working with my amazing trainer @bodyrebornfitness for years before I realized that it took more than just a work out to get where I wanted. I was stronger with every work out, but I wasn’t in the right headspace or eating correctly to get to the place I wanted to be.
I then grabbed a friend to go to Yoga with every morning. @sha_sha_fierce and I keep each other on track…so if you’re can’t afford a trainer- grab a friend and hit boot camp or a class every morning.

My eating became easier as I cleaned out my system of all the crap I had been putting in it previously. As soon as I got over the “hump” I couldn’t believe the change in my energy and sleep cycle and now I can’t imagine eating any other way. I never called it a “diet,” it’s a lifestyle change that I plan to continue for the rest of my life. It’s 100% mental as it is physical. It took a lot of will power and support but it was totally worth the results. Thank you for your constant support on my journey to a Better Jenna. For anyone out there wanting to do the same- remember this is YOUR journey and its on no one but you, and you alone to hold yourself accountable to make the changes you want to see:)


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