Camila Cabello on Dating: “You can’t help who you fall for”

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Fifth Harmony singer Camila Cabello recently opened up on dating, revealing what it’s like dating while in the entertainment industry.

In an interview with Seventeen magazine, Camila cleared up the rumours that she’s dating her I Know What You Did Last Summer duet parter Shawn Mendes.

“Shawn and I are great friends,” she said. “That’s why we write so well together — we have fun!”

As for dating in the entertainment industry, Camila said: “If you meet somebody who you really like and they’re in the entertainment industry, you wouldn’t be like, Oh, well, this might not turn out well. The thing is, artist boys are crazy.”

“So when you have two people together, it’s a hurricane. It’s intense. It’s just these violent delights and violent ends. For me, I’ve learned if I want a very stable, normal relationship where I’ll be like, Okay, this is nice, I know what’s going to happen in a month, it’s probably better to date outside the industry. But you can’t help who you fall for. It’s our dating pool.”

Who is Camila’s dream guy?

“I like Noah from The Notebook,” she revealed. “One-hundred percent. I fall in love with him so hard.”

You can check out more from Camila and the rest of the 5H girls in their new issue of Seventeen, which hits newsstands on February 9th!

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