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LISTEN: Olivia Holt’s New Single ‘Phoenix’!

Olivia Holt‘s debut single is finally here!

The actress/singer released her new song Phoenix on Friday (May 13), and we’re definitely going to be jamming out to it all summer long!

“I’m super stoked for everyone to hear it,” Olivia told People about her new song. “It’s been a long time coming, but I feel like everyone is going to be really happy with it.”

“It’s been a blast, just the entire experience, making it and being a part of it. ‘Phoenix’ is a really important and special song for me.”

As for her fans, Olivia says: “they’ll understand a big portion of me and my mantra, and the way I live, and the way I think – and that’s all coming off of a positive note,” she said. “It’s finding my inner confidence and hoping that inspires other people to find theirs.”

Check out the song below!

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