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Nick Jonas & Emily Ratajkowski Have Some Fun in the Sun for a New Glamour Shoot

Singer Nick Jonas and model Emily Ratajkowski recently teamed up for a new photo shoot for Glamour Magazine, where they help each other answer annoying press questions and dish on their careers and social media.

Emily on using Social Media to Connect with Others:

“I sent Lena Dunham a DM with a dorky selfie on Instagram and waved “Hi!” It sparked a great friendship, and it’s how I came to write for Lenny. And I spent time with Kim Kardashian West after defending her nude selfie on Twitter. It was bullshit that Piers Morgan [tweeted a joke about putting clothing on her], in my opinion.”

Emily on Posting Topless Photos:

“I shave my armpits and wear makeup. They might be things I like because they’re part of a patriarchal society, but I’m reclaiming them. Women should be the ones who are in control, even if they’re topless or being sexual.”

Nick Jonas and Emily Ratajkowski for Glamour Magazine

Nick on his New Album Last Year Was Complicated:

“A big thing for me is getting real about my insecurities; trying to share more than the surface level with people. There’s so much pressure as an artist and a performer—especially in the pop world—to maintain a level of confidence. But then you look at people who are killing it right now: They’re open about insecurities. It’s amazing to see how connected that makes us all.”

Nick on stripping down for his “Close” video:

“I was in the gym pretty heavily before we shot. And I don’t know if I got a spray tan or not, but, uh…maybe I did. I can’t remember. [Laughs.] Everyone looks better with a tan, let’s be honest.”

Nick Jonas and Emily Ratajkowski for Glamour Magazine

The pair also helped answer one another’s annoying questions that they typically get from the press – check it out below!

Be sure to check out Emily & Nick’s full interview at!

Photos: Carter Smith


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