Nick Jonas Talks The Jonas Brothers & New Music in OUT Magazine

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Actor/Singer Nick Jonas graces the cover of OUT Magazine‘s June/July 2016 issue, where he dishes on The Jonas Brothers, his upcoming album, and being a gay icon.

On Growing up with The Jonas Brothers:

“I loved music at an early age. [My parents] had no intention of pushing us to do it. They were really open-minded and supportive.”

“It was a weird way to grow up, but I think I maintained some sense of normalcy,” he says.

Nick Jonas OUT Magazine June/July 2016

On Gay Baiting Accusations:

“It’s not the majority, but a large handful have a negative opinion for whatever reason, and I think it’s really quite sad.”

Nick Jonas OUT Magazine June/July 2016

On Playing a Gay Character on Kingdom:

“It’s been a great character to play, one that I try to be respectful of and take myself out of. He’s on his own path.”

Nick Jonas OUT Magazine June/July 2016

On His New Album Last Year Was Complicated:

“When I was working on this album, Jay Z asked me what it was about. I said it was about the past year of my life, and that the year was complicated. Jay Z said, ‘That’s the name of your album: Complicated.’ ”

“With this one I made a real point to tell stories as honestly as I could. It became very clear what it was going to be about, after the breakup [with Olivia Culpo]. I just dove in headfirst and wrote about all of it. I think it was the most meaningful relationship I’ve ever been in, and it was the longest.”

Nick Jonas OUT Magazine June/July 2016

On Having the Press Dissect His Love Life:

“It definitely sucks. It sort of feels like, on top of dealing with the situation with the person, you have to be thinking about other people’s opinion about it, and without all the information.”

“The fact that people were intrigued by a 14– or 15-year-old’s relationships was strange to me. Now I think it makes a bit more sense. I think it’s kind of amusing, people’s interests. But it’s funny, because I think I live a pretty low-key life.”

Nick Jonas OUT Magazine June/July 2016

Be sure to pick up the newest issue of OUT Magazine for Nick’s full feature! You can also read more from his interview here.

Last Year Was Complicated hits the shelves on June 10th!

Nick Jonas OUT Magazine June/July 2016

Nick Jonas OUT Magazine June/July 2016

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