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Ashley Benson Reveals that she and Lucy Hale were Friends Before ‘Pretty Little Liars’!

The girls of Pretty Little Liars may be besties, but some of them were pals before the show even started!

Ashley Benson recently revealed that she and Lucy Hale have been pals for ten years!

“Lucy and I have been friends for about 10 years,” Ashley says. “I was one of her first friends here after she moved out from Tennessee.”

How did the pair meet?

“This is going to sound really creepy, but we met online through friends of friends. And our first time meeting each other was at our friend’s 16th birthday at Disneyland. So it was kind of weird how we met, but we became really good friends.”

Ashley once shared a picture of the duo hanging out when they were only 16 years old:

No wonder being on-screen friends comes so easily to those two!

You can catch Ashley and Lucy in the new season of Pretty Little Liars, premiering June 21st on Freeform!

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