Matthew Daddario Short Film ‘The Last Hunt’ To Premiere During the SoHo Film Festival

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Shadowhunters actor Matthew Daddario is set to premiere his new short film The Last Hunt during the Seventh Annual SoHo International Film Festival this month!

Matthew stars and directs the new short film, which focuses on two friends Cody (Creed Garnick) and Daniel (Brock Harris), who are on the same hunting trip they’ve taken for over 20 years when Cody gets infected from eating some bad meat. As Cody continues to lose his capacity, Daniel plans to fulfill a pact the pair had made to put Cody down once he is np longer himself. In the meantime, Daniel’s ex-girlfriend Crystal (Tanaya Beatty) rushes to intervene with the help of her police officer boyfriend, Mathias (Matthew Daddario).

The short ultimately explores the: “moral code, integrity and the questionable ethics of a pact. Is it right that Daniel should honor his friend’s wishes and aid his passing?”

The Last Hunt will premiere on Saturday June 11 at 6:35PM. If you’re in the SoHo area and want to check out the premiere you can find out more about tickets here!

The Last Hunt

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