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Dylan O’Brien discusses taking on the role of Mitch Rapp in ‘American Assassin’

Actor Dylan O’Brien‘s new movie American Assassin will hit theatres in just a few days (Sept. 15), in which he takes on the role of Mitch Rapp from Vince Flynn‘s popular Mitch Rapp book series in an action-packed movie about a CIA black ops recruit who investigates a wave of attacks on military and civilian targets.

In a new featurette for the film, Dylan and some of the American Assassin cast and crew discuss the making of the film, with producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura explaining: “Vince [Flynn] wrote American Assassin as the prequel to all the books. We thought that was a great way to try and really grow somebody into the role of Mitch Rapp.”

“There was a long push and pull on our own minds of what is the right version of a young Mitch,” Di Bonaventura said.

“It was important for me to cast someone who felt like your typical American kid but [who] you’d believe that he can kick ass,” said director Michael Cuestra.

As for how Dylan felt about taking on this role, he said: “It was really important to me to try and get the origin story of this character right. He’s fierce and feral and filled with untapped vengeance – those things that make a perfect assassin.”

To help Dylan capture his character, the actor also worked with people like a military advisor and fight trainer to capture the essence of Mitch Rapp.

Check out the full feature below! American Assassin hits theatres on September 15.


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