Josephine Skriver on her laid-back style: “There’s a cool aspect to wearing ‘boy’ clothes as a girl”

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When it comes to mastering the laid-back model-off-duty look, Victoria’s Secret Angel Josephine Skriver has the style down-pat.

The 24-year-old model recently opened up to Who What Wear about her style, dishing all about the different influences that are incorporated into her looks.

“I usually have to have a friend, my boyfriend, or family drag me out and do my quarterly shopping trip,” she says. “I’m not the girly girl that likes to shop. I’m the online shopper who knows my size, clicks, and it gets sent. It has to be easy.”

Josephine Skriver for Who What Wear

“I just wanted to be comfortable and sporty [as a kid]. I could be muddy, and it didn’t matter. I was such a ’90s kid. I did the whole Canadian-suit thing, the high-waisted, the low-waisted, the velvet—I think I had every ’90s outfit out there, and I still very much see that in my style now.”

Josephine Skriver for Who What Wear

As for how her style has evolved over time, Josephine revealed that leaving Denmark to live in New York City led her to have a new outlook on fashion:

“It wasn’t until I was living in New York that it really hit me how you could express your own personality through clothes.”

Josephine Skriver for Who What Wear

Now that she lives in New York, Josephine also lives close to friends like fellow Angel Jasmine Tookes, who helps Josephine with her style from time to time:

“I refused to wear dresses for a very, very long time,” Josephine says. “Jasmine lives right next door to me, so every time we have to go out, she helps me put one on. She has a whole closet full of them.”

Josephine Skriver for Who What Wear

Jasmine’s isn’t the only closet that Josephines likes to raid – the model also admitted that she loves to pull clothes from her boyfriend’s closet as well: “There’s a cool aspect to wearing ‘boy’ clothes as a girl,” she says.

Josephine Skriver for Who What Wear

You can read Josephine’s full feature here!

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