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Sabrina Carpenter on the inspiration behind her song ‘Why’: “I think films definitely inspire this song”

Actress/Singer Sabrina Carpenter recently sat down with Genius, where she dished all about her latest single Why and broke down exactly what the song means.

“When we were writing the song, it kind of happened based on the conversation with my co-writer [on] how we were both going to New York in a couple weeks,” Sabrina explained on how the song came about. “We were talking about how some people are New York people, and some people can’t live in the city — like it’s impossible.”

“Opposites attracting, it’s one of those classic themes that we’ve seen in some of our favourite movies, and I think films definitely inspire this song as well,” Sabrina said.

“When i released the song, I did it in a way where I was sending my fans postcards of movies like When Harry Met Sally, Romeo and Juliet, 10 Things I Hate About You, [movies] about people that were obviously super different and came together and there’s love and all that stuff.”

Check out everything Sabrina had to say about the song below!


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