Shawn Mendes reveals his ‘Shawn Mendes Signature’ Fragrance was inspired by his childhood

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Are you ready to smell like Shawn Mendes‘ childhood?

Shawn recently launched his very first fragrance Shawn Mendes Signature, which can be worn by both men and women and was inspired by Shawn’s childhood in Canada.

“My best scent memories are the scents of my home growing up – “my mum cooking and being outside in the backyard,” Shawn told US Weekly.

To incorporate those scents into his fragrance, Shawn added notes of maple and apple to give it that homey feel:

“They give the fragrance this Canadian forest, but also sweet, scent at the same time,” he said.

“I really think the best fragrances are ones you can wear every day,” Shawn said. “What I love about my fragrance Signature is that it’s subtle and great to wear for any person at any time.”

As for what kind of scents Shawn gravitates towards, he said: “Shawn Mendes Signature is great, and I’ve always had a go-to fragrance in the past, something I always make sure I have with me. Scents that are really natural and aren’t over-bearing have been what I’ve always gravitated towards.”

You can purchase Shawn Mendes Signature for yourself here!

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