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Selena Gomez Announced as Pantene’s New Ambassador!

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Actress/Singer Selena Gomez shared exciting news with fans this morning after teasing a special project on her social media over the past few days.

The 22-year-old took to her Twitter to announce that she is the new celebrity ambassador for the popular hair care line Pantene.

In a press release for her new campaign, Selena says:

“I’ve always loved using Pantene, so it’s a dream come true to be the brand’s newest ambassador. Not only because Pantene stands for strong, healthy hair but also because it encourages women to be their best selves. My style is constantly evolving and I love to take risks, so I’m always changing my hair style. I rely on Pantene to keep my hair strong and healthy so I can take on each day with confidence.”

You can catch Selena in new commercials and print advertisements for the brand!

Are YOU excited to see Selena as Pantene’s Ambassador?


Bella Thorne Dishes on her Beauty Routine & Natural Hair Color

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uring a recent interview with Allure, actress Bella Thorne opened up on all things beauty and hair, including that she isn’t a natural redhead!

“A lot of people don’t know I’m not actually a redhead.” Bella said, “I’m a blonde. I dyed it for Big Love. It started off more of a deep red, and Disney was like, ‘Why don’t we take Bella all the way to blonde again?’ I don’t know why, but I had a breakdown and so overreacted. I wanted to go back to red.”

While she loves sticking with her red hair color, Bella also likes switching up her hairstyles when it comes to the red carpet. The 17-year-old star was even spotted sporting a cool braided ‘do earlier this year while attending New York Fashion Week.

Bella revealed that for fashion week, her hair was done by: “My hairstylist Castillo. He does my hair for everything. It’s all cornrowed and then braided. He actually whipped it up really fast. I was worried about the look photographing harshly, but I wanted to go very different for Jeremy Scott—I usually have pretty crazy updos. We were actually going to do purple and green stripes through it, but then we couldn’t, because it was going to take too long.”


Grandi sogni in testa

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As for keeping her skin in tip-top shape for the red carpet, Bella spilled her everyday beauty routine:

“I get up. I wash my face. I use the Pink Grapefruit Neutrogena wash, and then I use a daily pore tightener. I really love the Neutrogena Smooth Color Stick in Very Berry. It’s natural, moisturizing, and it just goes on really light. I also love Aquaphor. That’s the best way to go. Then I either put my hair up in a ponytail or leave it down in its natural wave, which is pretty crimpy. And I’m in jeans and a T-shirt.”


Getting ready for my #extra! interview with my team #neutrogena #skinclearing #verybadday #october10intheaters @amyoresman @castillo_13

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The actress also revealed that things aren’t always smooth-sailing with her skin when it comes to some of the roles she takes on.

“I was working on the set of Amityville, and they were doing gashes on my face, and they were using this sugar and detergent blood, and I’m covered. They’re on my cheeks, my forehead, there’s one on my chin, above my lip, on my eyebrow, all over my whole face. It’s all kinds of ratchet.” She said.

“And it’s just completely freaked out my skin. I had thousands of bumps. And they’re scrubbing it off with oil and alcohol, so it’s like the worst thing you could do for your skin. I had to go see Dr. Lancer, so I’m finally getting my skin back to normal. But those gashes do look realistic. It’s so cool. I actually love doing those scenes.”

Be sure to catch Bella in Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, out in theatres today!


Kylie Jenner Announces New Hair Extensions Line ‘Kylie Hair Kouture’

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hile she’s had a bunch of projects with her sister Kendall Jenner, 17-year-old Kylie Jenner is ready to start her very own solo project with a brand-new hair extension line!

The reality star will be joining forces with Bellami Hair, a clip-in extension and hair styling tools company, for her new line, called Kylie Hair Kouture.

Kylie made the exciting announcement on her instagram page, where she said: “Kylie Hair Kouture coming soon…sooo excited follow @bellamihair for more details!”

Other than the name of the line, no official details have been released.

Are YOU excited for Kylie’s hair extension line?


Demi Lovato Announces New Skincare Line ‘Devonne by Demi’

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f you’ve ever dreamed of having flawless skin like singer Demi Lovato, now your dreams can come true!

The Neon Lights singer just announced that she is launching her very own skincare line that is perfect for a “on-the-go lifestyle” like hers. The line is called Devonne by Demi, after the singer’s middle name, and will consist of a three-part skincare system including a hydrating protection mist, deep facial cleanser, and a moisturizing primer.

According to the line’s official website:

Devonne by Demi™ products feature unique blends of ingredients, including apple essence, natural Reishi mushroom extract, licorice extract, Kimarine seaweed and a mild, rice-derived exfoliant, sunflower and rosemary work together to help moisturize, balance, soothe irritation, protect against negative environmental elements and refresh your skin to provide the results your skin needs.

Devonne by Demi

The three-part system costs $29.99 months, and will benefit recovery programs for young women, through the Lovato Treatment Scholarship.

Demi’s skincare line will officially become available in December, but fans can pre-order the system now.


Lea Michele Shares Her Beauty & Health Secrets with Organic Spa Magazine

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f there’s anything we’ve learned from actress/singer Lea Michele‘s book Brunette Ambition, it’s that the star always takes time to take care of herself, no matter how busy she gets.

Now, the Glee star has dished to Organic Spa Magazine on how she keeps herself feeling beautiful – on the inside and out, while even sharing a few of her favourite recipes!

“It’s not something that happens overnight.” Lea says on feeling comfortable in her own skin. “Although I’m grateful that I was raised to be happy in my own skin, it’s not always easy. Sometimes what you hear and think you need to be can start to be that little annoying voice in your head.”

“But I think taking great care of yourself and being kind to your heart and body is a good place to start.” Lea continues, “And always surrounding yourself with people who uplift you. Remember it starts inside; to feel truly beautiful you have to love yourself inside and out.”

Lea Michele

Checkout some of Lea’s favorite ways to stay healthy & happy below!

Favorite home spa indulgences:

Creating my own body scrubs and bath concoctions!

Keeping her acne-prone skin under control:

I have a great dermatologist, Dr . Howe in New York City, who saved my skin when I was a teenager. Since then I always take the best care of my skin: staying hydrated, using good products, eating right, making sure to give it time to breathe.

On being a vegetarian:

I’ve always been an animal lover, so that’s where it started for me. But I try to listen to my body and make sure I’m getting everything I need. Right now I’m pescatarian. So I’m incorporating some fish into my diet.

Lea’s favourite comfort foods:

If I’m going to indulge I try to at least make sure it’s organic.

That way it can be more of a guilt-free indulgence. I still treat myself (I love the grilled cheese from In-N-Out Burger in LA) but I get just as great of a treat from Annie’s Mac and Cheese or Amy’s Pizza. I also love Barbara’s Bakery Organic Cheese Puff snacks.

Creating smoothies and juices is one of my favorite things to do. But my all-time favorite comfort foods are New York pizza and bagels.

On maintaining her inner beauty:

Yoga is such an amazing practice. I believe starting on the inside creates true beauty on the outside. Practicing self-love, eating well, being active and always laughing…

On her workout motivation:

I always feel best after I work out. It boosts my endorphins and wipes away any stress. So knowing how good I’m going to feel is always what motivates me.

Favorite Juicing Recipes:


Blend three leaves of kale (de-stemmed, torn and chopped), one handful of spinach, four pieces of celery, the juice of two lemons and a chopped apple. Advanced juicers tend to cut out the apple and add a few leaves of romaine or a handful of parsley instead.


Blend a glass of water with the juice of two whole lemons, half a cucumber, four to six cubes of watermelon and a few shavings of fresh ginger.


WATCH: Bella Thorne Dishes on Keeping Her Skin Acne-Free with Neutrogena

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ctress Bella Thorne, shares her favorite way to keep her skin in tip-top shape and acne-free, in this new behind-the-scenes look at her first Neutrogena print shoot for the brand’s Oil-Free Acne Wash.

In the video, Bella uses Neutrogena’s MicroClear® technology to fight unseen acne before it breaks through the surface of the skin.

The Shake It Up star shared the video with fans on her Facebook, saying: “I want to make sure my Bellarinas have perf skin 4 school! Thx to my Neutrogena friends u can fight #UnseenAcne w/me!”

Check out Bella’s behind-the-scenes video with Neutrogena above!


Check Out Transformer Star Nicola Peltz’s Red Carpet Beauty Routine!

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Over the past couple of weeks, Nicola Peltz has made a splash on every red carpet she hits, never failing to look fabulous with her fashion and beauty choice.

Now, the 19-year-old Transformers: Age of Extinction actress revealed how she gets red-carpet ready, as she prepped for the NYC premiere of Transformers with Teen Vogue.

“We’ve been with Nicola for the full tour,” Kate Lee, a Chanel celebrity makeup artist, revealed. “In fact, we just got back from Asia yesterday! But Nicola has been gathering attention wherever she goes, which is so nice to see. She’s really good fun and such a pleasure to work with. The best part is, she’s really into fashion and makeup, which makes it so much more fun and inspiring for Adir and me. It’s quite rare to find a girl who enjoys the process.”

As for Nicola’s make-up look for the night, Kate explained:

“We had just done a sleek cat eye for another one of the red carpets, so I wanted a full-on, Bianca Jagger-esque smoky for this evening. Basically, I wanted to create an elongated almond shape with a bit of fun going on in the inside corner. Chanel has new quads coming out next week and they are so soft and super easy to blend. I used a charcoal brown shade from the Tissé Vendôme palette.”

“With a fluffy Chanel #10 brush, I blended it out from the socket and out into that elongated shape, and left the inner corner bare. To blend and diffuse the color, I dusted with a clean Laura Mercier Ponytail Brush. That’s important, you know, to always have a clean fluffy brush and then one to apply colour.”

“On the inner corner, I used this genius, almost mousse-like eye product Chanel makes called Illusion D’Ombre in the color “New Moon,” which served as my highlight. From a distance, it gives a wet effect to the eye and less like a traditional smoky. I also blended it onto the inner third of the lid and a bit on the inside of the nose.”

“There’s no liner at all—I just curled her lashes and did one coat of Inimitable Waterproof Mascara. I didn’t want loads of lashes with this eye, otherwise it would start to look a bit contrived. It’s important to have balance with a bold beauty look.”

Nicola looked AMAZING at the premiere!

To see her complete routine along with how her hair was done, be sure to check out Nicola’s Teen Vogue feature.

Transformers: Age of Extinction opened in theatres this weekend. Be sure to check it out!

Nicola Peltz

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Zendaya Dishes Out Summer Beauty Advice During her Girl’s Life Photo Shoot!

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The always stylish Zendaya shared some of her tips and tricks for beauty while doing her cover shoot for her Girl’s Life magazine cover.

Zendaya opened up on what she thinks is the hottest trends when it comes to nails, summer hairstyles, and more!

Check out what she had to say about it above!

You can also check out Zendaya in the June/July 2014 issue of Girl’s Life Magazine!


Lucy Hale Dishes On Her Favorite Beauty Products in Real Style Magazine!

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After releasing her very first album Road Between, Lucy Hale dished on all her favourite things from music to beauty, in the newest issue of Real Style Magazine.

When playing shows, or filming her hit TV series Pretty Little Liars, Lucy always manages to look flawless! Now, the singer/actress has revealed five of her favourite beauty products that she uses to keep herself looking her best!

“I love the mark Touch & Glow Shimmer Cubes, they have the perfect amount of bronzy glow.” Lucy revealed.

“The Mario Badescu Facial Spray is one of my favourites, I always use it before putting on moisturizer.” She continued. “SPF is very important and I love the SkinCeuticals SPF 50.”

“For hair the Oribe Volumizing Spray is my all time favourite hair product.”

Lastly, Lucy said: “I’m also all about a bold lip. I love mark’s Make It Rich Lip Crayon in Hot Sauce – it’s my go to statement lip product.”

With all the wear and tear her face and hair go through on a daily basis, Lucy also revealed what her beauty routine is like:

“When I’m shooting Pretty Little Liars, we wear a lot of makeup so I take extra time to take care of my skin.” She said. “At night I’ll first take off my makeup with makeup remover wipes, then wash my face, spray on the Mario Badescu Facial Spray and use a moisturizer. I also go see a facialist regularly!”

Be sure to check out Lucy’s debut album Road Between, which is out now, and you can also catch her on PLL every Tuesday on ABC Family!

To read Lucy’s full article on all things music, be sure to check it out here!


Cassadee Pope Named New Face of Proactiv+!

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24-year-old singer Cassadee Pope has just been named as the new face of the skincare line, Proactiv+.

Cassadee is a big fan of Proactiv products, which have helped her achieve clear skin after experiencing some problems with acne. The former The Voice star opened up to People Magazine saying: “I never struggled with skin issues until I was in my 20s,”

“It always made me feel self conscious. I was afraid to go on stage, especially if I saw video cameras close up on my face — I hated knowing the whole crowd was looking at my skin. That, of course, affected my performance in a negative way and I was less confident on stage.”

Now that she’s found what works for her, Cassadee hopes that by being an ambassador for the brand, she can help others become confident like her!

“It’s important to me to let people know that I’ve found a solution to something I’ve always been insecure about,” she says. “I feel as an artist, there’s always this obligation to come across strong and fearless. But we have insecurities like everyone else. Proactiv started making a difference on my skin as soon as the first day … [Now] I’m more confident on stage and I’m not afraid of cameras close up on my face, [and] I’m not constantly thinking ‘I know they see my pimples’ whenever I meet fans.”

Other celebs who have worked with Proactiv include Glee‘s Naya Rivera and Julianne Hough.