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Emma Stone talks playing Billie Jean King on Kelly and Ryan: “I was very daunted and overwhelmed”

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Actress Emma Stone made an appearance on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan on Thursday (Sept. 21), where she talked about her new movie Battle Of The Sexes and how she was very hesitant to take on the role of playing Billie Jean King.

“I’ve never played a real person before, and the idea of then playing Billie Jean King was just so far out of my conciousness,” Emma explained. “I was very daunted and overwhelmed, but she’s so amazing. She’s like the most warm and welcoming presence, and just such a spitfire that it was impossible [to say no].”

As for how King has reacted to the film, Emma said:

“I think it brought up a lot of feelings for her. She’s so supportive, but I think it’s also really emotional because it’s so much of her. She was so generous with her story because she was going through so much at that time, you know it’s a love story and she was married, and she’s falling in love and realizing a lot about herself. So I think it’s still hard for her to watch in some ways. But she’s been incredible and doing all this stuff with us and it’s been awesome.”

You can catch Emma in Battle of the Sexes when it hits theatres tomorrow (Sept. 22)!

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The CW is Developing a ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ Series

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Following up the success of Riverdale, the CW is now working on bringing Sabrina the Teenage Witch to the small-screen!

According to Variety, the CW and Warner Brothers Television are developing a new hour-long drama based on the Archie Comics series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina for the 2018-2019 season.

The series will reportedly reimagine the adventures of Sabrina in a dark coming-of-age story that features “horror, the occult, and witchcraft.”

Variety also reports that the series “is described as being tonally in the vein of horror classics like ‘Rosemary’s Baby‘ and ‘The Exorcist,’ and will see Sabrina wrestling to reconcile her dual nature as a half-witch, half-mortal while standing against the evil forces that threaten her, her family, and the daylight world humans inhabit.”

Riverdale show-runner Roberto Aguirre-Sacassa will write and executive produce the series.


Watch: Sasha Pieterse & Jordan Fisher’s DWTS Performances

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The new season of Dancing with the Stars has officially begun!

During last night’s premiere, a new group of stars hit the dance floor with their pro partners for their very first performances of the season.

Among those performing was Pretty Little Liars actress Sasha Pieterse, who danced the cha-cha-cha with partner Gleb Savchenko and tied for seventh place with Nick Lachey and Derek Fisher with a score of 18.

Meanwhile, actor/singer Jordan Fisher performed a tango with partner Lindsay Arnold, tying for the first place position with a score of 22.

Both Jordan and Sasha will be back next week for the show’s first two evictions on Monday and Tuesday night on ABC – be sure to tune in and see what happens!

To vote for your favourite stars to stay on the show, check out the official DWTS website.

You can also watch Sasha & Jordan’s performances below!


Jordan Fisher on his DWTS partner Lindsay Arnold: “I definitely have the best partner”

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During tonight’s premiere of Dancing with the Stars, singer/actor Jordan Fisher will be hitting the dance floor with pro partner Lindsay Arnold to compete in the 25th season of ABC’s hit dance show — and Jordan couldn’t be happier about the partner he’s been given for this new adventure.

“Lindsay is incredible,” Jordan said about his new partner in an interview with Hollywood Life. “I definitely have the best partner. She’s just figured out a way with her vet on the show to cultivate the perfect rehearsal environment. She’s fun, she’s so truly herself, and kind and warm.”

“I’m going into this process with no ballroom experience,” he continued. “I’m going into a room with a complete pro who is going to teach me how to do this for 15 million people every week. That should be a super scary thing! I am a perfectionist. I want it to be the best I can possibly do and the best thing people can potentially see. That could go a handful of different ways, but we really have fun, because she has allowed the space and the rehearsal environment to be a safe place. I can learn, I can fail, I can make mistakes, I hopefully can get better and grow.”

As for now, Jordan says: “I think the toughest part thus far for me is to put myself in a position where I am OK with not being great at it at first. Every week we’re going to be doing a different style, which for me, is a style that I’ve never done before — tango, foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, jive, whatever that is, I’ve never done these before so I have to be OK with not being great at it at first.”

Jordan and Lindsay will be performing a tango tonight to Shawn MendesThere’s Nothing Holding Me Back. Be sure to tune into ABC at 8PM ET tonight (Sept. 18) to catch his performance!

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Alycia Debnam-Carey talks ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ and ‘The 100’ with W Magazine

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Fear the Walking Dead actress Alycia Debnam-Carey recently chatted with W Magazine, where she revealed that she never planned on doing TV and what it’s like being a part of a huge franchise like The Walking Dead.

On When She Started Acting:

“I started when I was really young. My mom’s a children’s television writer, so I was involved and around from a very young age. When I was eight I did my first film with Rachel Ward and Bryan Brown, who are a quite well-respected Australian producer-director duo, and that just changed my whole perspective on what I could do in life and be. From there, I just kept doing it. And during my last year of school, I decided I was going to go overseas to try it.”

On her first job she booked in LA:

“I booked a horror film called Where the Devil Hides. It’s… you know, a horror film. But it was the first full-length movie I’d ever done and it got me my visa and I could start work. My first year was incredible, and I booked a couple of jobs. The second year was just crickets. I didn’t book any jobs, which was so disheartening. I was getting close to things, but never actually working. But that’s a lot of L.A. and a lot of this job. You can’t do it unless you’re ready to face a lot of rejection. You just can’t.”

On not initially wanting to do TV:

“It’s funny because TV wasn’t something that I wanted to do. I wanted to do movies. I’d said a lot of no’s to a lot of shows previously, because I couldn’t fathom being on a show for such a long time and only doing one thing. But it is interesting how now TV has just exploded; it is chapters in a book rather than one novel. And especially now that studios are either making superhero films or sequels. But I got [CW dystopian show] The 100, when I still had that idea of, “I don’t know if I should be doing TV.” But I knew it was a cool character.”

Alycia Debnam-Carey for Vogue

On what she learned doing TV for the first time on The 100

“You learn a lot of technicality. You have to be very aware of everyone else’s jobs as much as your own. It’s hard because you don’t get to spend as much time on your own material, because you get scenes at the last moment. But then you also get an incredible arsenal of knowledge of filming TV. You get to know what is important, and I needed that. I couldn’t have done anything bigger than that. I look at these kids who are starring in huge films and am amazed at how well they fare. Of course you have great production behind you, but a lot of it is on you when you have to herald a massive franchise. I think of how much I’ve learned from doing television, and it is so invaluable.”

On if she was a Walking Dead fan before joining Fear the Walking Dead:

“I hadn’t seen it. I did a quick binge. I watched three seasons in a week. I had to stop because it was getting really intense and I was working on it while watching it. So going in, I had absolutely no idea—I knew it was a thing, but not to what extent. But sometimes it is better to go in like that, or else you will pysch yourself out.”

On when she realized it was a phenomenon:

“Probably the first Comic Con that we did. I was up on that panel in front of 6,000 people, and we were all just mute and scared. People had warned us, but that is when it all hit. It was way bigger that we expected. We anticipated enough, but you really see a whole other level of it at Comic Con.”

On her character Alicia:

“It has been nice to have a character that has had a real growth. This is a character who went from being a normal teenage girl before the apocalypse to someone who has been really ravaged by it. And not in necessarily a bad-ass way. Of course she looks amazing doing it, but there has been something very dark, very real, and very traumatic. It is amazing to go through all of those emotions and be able to explore the full journey of one person, and how they get to that place. Often you see someone in the middle of this arc, where it’s like, “And now they are this cool, warrior badass.” This felt like a lead up, and now I get to give people exactly that.”

You can read Alycia’s full feature here!


Lea Michele on her new show ‘The Mayor’: “It’s so great, really funny”

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If you’ve missed seeing Lea Michele on your TV every week since Glee and Scream Queens – have no fear! The star will be back on the small screen this fall in her new show The Mayor.

“I’m so proud of this show,” Lea told E! News at last night’s Emmy Awards. “It’s an incredible young, talented cast…We’re going to have new music every week from our producer Daveed Diggs from Hamilton. It’s so great, really funny. I’m having a great time.”

In the show, Lea plays the chief of staff to a small-town mayor who only ran for mayor to gain more publicity for his rapping career.

“We’re in the golden age of television right now…the women in television, really inspiring to see,” Lea said.

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During her interview, Lea also revealed that while she may not be working with Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy on her new show, Ryan’s opinion still matters quite a bit to her – especially when it comes to getting approval of her new boyfriend Zandy Reich.

“I was here with Ryan Murphy yesterday. So Ryan is like my family…one of the greatest friends in the world that I have, so when my boyfriend got the seal of approval from Ryan Murphy, that’s it. Yeah, my parents, friends, whatever, but Ryan Murphy, done deal seals the deal,” Lea said.

You can catch Lea in The Mayor when it premieres on Tuesday, Oct. 3!


Watch: First ‘Fuller House’ Season 3 Trailer

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The first look at the new season of Fuller House is here!

Netflix released the first trailer for their popular Full House revival series on Friday (Sept. 15), revealing what’s to come in the third season of the show.

The new season will mark Full House’s 30 year anniversary and will feature the family celebrating their 30 years together.

Season 3 of Fuller House will be released on Netflix on Sept. 22!


The ‘Riverdale’ Cast Cover Entertainment Weekly

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The stars of the CW’s popular show Riverdale grace the cover of the new Entertainment Weekly issue, where they dish on what their characters will be up to in the show’s highly-anticipated second season (premiering Oct 11!).

Check out what each cast member had to say about what’s going on with their characters in Season 2 below!

KJ Apa for Entertainment Weekly

KJ Apa

When Riverdale picks up in Season 2, Archie will be reeling from the aftermath of his father’s shooting and will be out for revenge — a storyline that’s new to KJ and has pushed his acting further than ever before:

“To be fair, I read that first episode of the second season and I was thinking I don’t know if I’m good enough to do this,” KJ said. “I’m a new actor. I’m new to this kind of material and I was cushioning myself. I really have learned a lot this season and I think I’ve shot some of the best stuff I’ve ever done.”

Cole Sprouse for Entertainment Weekly

Cole Sprouse

As for Jughead, the Riverdale narrator will be caught between his new life at South Side High and his old life, and may potentially even join up with the Serpents.

“He undergoes a kind of radical vulnerability and change,” Cole said. “His morality is going to be really tested. It’s one of those things where Jughead is the perspective character. We see the world through his lens. He’s the soul of Riverdale. So in my own way and for the audience, whatever happens to Jughead can be seen as the world in total.”

Camila Mendes for Entertainment Weekly

Camila Mendes

Veronica’s life is also changing in the new season with the return of her father Hiram (Mark Consuelos).

“She wants to be respected as a member of the family and neither Hiram nor Hermione [Marisol Nichols] are allowing to be part of that,” Camila said. “They have a plan for Riverdale and they keep it very secret.”

Lili Reinhart for Entertainment Weekly

Lili Reinhart

Betty Cooper will also go through some rough times in the new season, with a strained relationship with Jughead and this season’s new mystery.

“Not only is Betty dealing with the separation between her and her boyfriend but being in the middle of something she completely did not ask for,” Lili said. “She’s so young. Your heart goes out to Betty in season two. She gets put in the middle of a sh– storm.”

Ashleigh Murray for Entertainment Weekly

Ashleigh Murray

Josie will be a full-fledged member of the gang in season 2, and the budding singer could also be looking to go solo in the new season:

“There is talk of possibly Josie exploring the option of going a solo route. It’s gonna cause some issues if that does come up,” said Ashleigh.

Madelaine Petsch for Entertainment Weekly

Madelaine Petsch

As for Cheryl, the fiery redhead will be rising from the ashes of her burnt home this season:

“I think a lot of people read her trying to burn the house down as her breaking but it was her pulling herself together and telling her mom she’s not going to take any more crap and she’s in charge now,” said Madelaine. “She’s hell hath no fury like Cheryl scorned.”

Casey Cott for Entertainment Weekly

Casey Cott

Kevin Keller will also be a regular character this season: “Betty kinda left Kevin hanging a little last season,” Casey said. “I think he’s lonely and it’s time maybe he says something.”

Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes and KJ Apa for Entertainment Weekly

Check out more from the Riverdale feature here and catch the gang in the Season 2 premiere October 11 on the CW!


Watch: Dark New Trailer for ‘Riverdale’ Season 2

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The new season of Riverdale is getting closer!

The CW gave fans a sneak peek at what’s to come in the second season of Riverdale on Wednesday (Sept. 13), when they dropped a new ‘Motive’ trailer showing new clips from the show’s upcoming season.

In the trailer, the Archie gang, including Archie (KJ Apa), Veronica (Camila Mendes), Betty (Lili Reinhart), Jughead (Cole Sprouse) and Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch), are seen dealing with the aftermath of the diner shooting as they are left wondering what could have been the masked gunman’s motive for shooting Archie’s father.

In case you missed it, the Riverdale showrunner also recently revealed a little bit of info on what’s to come in the new season – check it out here!

Riverdale will premiere Wednesday, October 11 at 8/7c on The CW.


First episode of Lea Michele’s new show ‘The Mayor’ available early online

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If you’ve been counting down until the premiere of Lea Michele‘s new show The Mayor, wait no longer!

ABC surprised fans by releasing the pilot episode of the series early online, which can be watched here!

The Mayor also stars Brandon Michael Hall and Yvette Nicole Brown, and follows as a young rapper who becomes the mayor of his hometown after entering the mayoral race to gain publicity and to get his big break.

The show will premiere on Oct. 3 at 9:30PM ET on ABC!

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