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Cassadee Pope Dishes on her New Summer EP

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As Cassadee Pope prepares to drop her new Summer EP this Friday (June 3), the singer has opened up to The Boot about new music, dishing on how she chose which songs to feature on her new EP, and how she hopes to connect with fans with her release.

The new EP features four new tracks, three of which Cassadee wrote herself.

“I knew that I wanted “Alien” on there; that’s a song that I’ve had in my back pocket for quite some time,” Cassadee says. “”Summer” was also a song I had written a while ago, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted that one or another one that was in the running.”

“I started showing my favorite songs to all of my friends and family, and Chris Young and some other artists that I really confided in, and “Summer” was one of everybody’s favorites.”

Cassadee also reveals that she hopes her new music will connect with fans in the same way her previous single Wasting All These Tears did:

“I was really proud of how well “Wasting All These Tears” did, just by how well it was received by fans. I got stories about how that song helped them through some difficult times,” she says. “I’m hoping the same thing happens with “Alien,” “Summer,” “Kisses at Airports” and “Piano.” I just think that these songs can really help people, whether they’re in a good or bad place, I think that they’re going to resonate.”

Be sure to pick up Cassadee’s new album when it drops this Friday!

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Cassadee Pope Named New Face of Proactiv+!

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24-year-old singer Cassadee Pope has just been named as the new face of the skincare line, Proactiv+.

Cassadee is a big fan of Proactiv products, which have helped her achieve clear skin after experiencing some problems with acne. The former The Voice star opened up to People Magazine saying: “I never struggled with skin issues until I was in my 20s,”

“It always made me feel self conscious. I was afraid to go on stage, especially if I saw video cameras close up on my face — I hated knowing the whole crowd was looking at my skin. That, of course, affected my performance in a negative way and I was less confident on stage.”

Now that she’s found what works for her, Cassadee hopes that by being an ambassador for the brand, she can help others become confident like her!

“It’s important to me to let people know that I’ve found a solution to something I’ve always been insecure about,” she says. “I feel as an artist, there’s always this obligation to come across strong and fearless. But we have insecurities like everyone else. Proactiv started making a difference on my skin as soon as the first day … [Now] I’m more confident on stage and I’m not afraid of cameras close up on my face, [and] I’m not constantly thinking ‘I know they see my pimples’ whenever I meet fans.”

Other celebs who have worked with Proactiv include Glee‘s Naya Rivera and Julianne Hough.