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WATCH: Emma Stone Crashes Ryan Gosling’s Saturday Night Live Monologue

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Actress Emma Stone made a surprise appearance on last night’s season premiere of Saturday Night Live, where she interrupted Ryan Gosling‘s monologue to help poke fun at their movie La La Land.

During his monologue, Ryan joked about about how he “saved jazz” in the popular film, and even explained jazz by using the piano before Emma joined in on the fun, saying, “What’re you doing? Ryan, you didn’t save jazz. We saved jazz.”

Check out their skit above!


Emma Stone Reveals She Only Keeps her Kids Choice & Spelling Bee Awards in her Home, Not her Oscar

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As she continues to promote her new movie Battle of the Sexes, actress Emma Stone made an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday (Sept. 21), where she dished on her Oscar, working with Billie Jean King and her screenwriting experience.

When asked if she keeps her Best Actress Oscar in her home, Emma said, “No, it felt a little strange.”

The La La Land star revealed that her mother has her Oscar, while she has a couple of different trophies on display at her place:

“I have two things in my apartment that are related to that kind of idea, which is my Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award, which is an orange blimp that is also a kaleidoscope, and my spelling bee trophy from the fourth grade. I got first place in the spelling bee.”

During her appearance, Emma also dished on what it’s like to watch tennis with Billie Jean King and how she tried her hand at script-writing while she was in middle school.

Battle of the Sexes is in theatres today (Sept. 22)!


Emma Stone talks playing Billie Jean King on Kelly and Ryan: “I was very daunted and overwhelmed”

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Actress Emma Stone made an appearance on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan on Thursday (Sept. 21), where she talked about her new movie Battle Of The Sexes and how she was very hesitant to take on the role of playing Billie Jean King.

“I’ve never played a real person before, and the idea of then playing Billie Jean King was just so far out of my conciousness,” Emma explained. “I was very daunted and overwhelmed, but she’s so amazing. She’s like the most warm and welcoming presence, and just such a spitfire that it was impossible [to say no].”

As for how King has reacted to the film, Emma said:

“I think it brought up a lot of feelings for her. She’s so supportive, but I think it’s also really emotional because it’s so much of her. She was so generous with her story because she was going through so much at that time, you know it’s a love story and she was married, and she’s falling in love and realizing a lot about herself. So I think it’s still hard for her to watch in some ways. But she’s been incredible and doing all this stuff with us and it’s been awesome.”

You can catch Emma in Battle of the Sexes when it hits theatres tomorrow (Sept. 22)!

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Emma Stone’s trainer reveals how Emma put on 15 lbs. of lean muscle for ‘Battle of the Sexes’

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While preparing to take on the role of tennis star Billie Jean King in her new film Battle of the Sexes, actress Emma Stone hit the gym with her trainer Jason Walsh to transform her body into one of an athlete.

In a recent interview with People, trainer Jason Walsh revealed how he got Emma into the shape of an athlete:

“Emma was pretty light and had a very petite, dancer-type body,” Jason said. “I wanted to put some weight on her, some muscle on her. We really shifted the diet plan. She started taking in more good, healthy calories.”

“We started doing training geared toward getting more weight and muscle on her, so it was a little more believable onscreen, and also for her mind and her character.”

To do so, Emma upped her workout frequency from three to five times a week, and sometimes trained twice a day.

“She got really strong, I’m talking like, we were pushing and dragging sleds with hundreds of pounds, which was awesome to watch,” Jason said. “It really became fun for her. [She] would be like, hey, what kind of record are we going to beat this week with the weights?”

“She did up to 300 lbs. on her hip thrusts, which is insane,” Jason continued. “We’d do farmer walks where she would put heavy weights in her hands — we’d probably do 70-lb. dumbbells in each hand — just walking down the track. She’d do 185-lb. deadlifts and push ups with chains on her back, things that are outside of the scope of what she did before. She really started to enjoy and absorb what I was throwing at her,” says Walsh. “[At first] in her mind there’s disbelief about whether she could do any of this stuff, and when she’d do it she’d scream [with excitement].”

To make Emma’s role as Billie Jean King more believable, Jason also said: “We would do a lot of tennis moves, like L drills and stuff like that with bungee cords, quick foot box drills to make sure she had her footing and she understood the mind and the feet connection.”

While strength training was crucial for Emma’s training, Jason also said that meditation and stretching was also an important part of the star’s regime: “Meditation is an aspect of training that no one really talks about that we really implement and suggest. That mind body connection is incredible…it’s just as important as training the body,” he said.

Through her three months of training, Emma ended on putting on 15 lb.s of lean muscle – which she was thrilled about.

“She was ecstatic when she got on [the scale],” said Jason. “Most girls who get on the scale and gain weight freak out, [but] she had the biggest smile in the world when the weight started to increase.”

You can catch Emma in Battle of the Sexes, out September 22!


Emma Stone premieres ‘Battle of the Sexes’ at the Toronto International Film Festival

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Actress Emma Stone made an appearance in Toronto, Canada on Sunday (Sept. 10), where she premiered her new film Battle of the Sexes during the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival.

Emma was joined by some of her co-stars at the premiere, including Steve Carell, Sarah Silverman, Natalie Morales, Alan Cumming and Austin Stowell, and the actress was also joined by special guest Billie Jean King, whom Emma portrays in the film.

Battle of the Sexes focuses on the 1973 tennis match between Billie Jean King (Stone) and Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell), which came to be called The Battle of the Sexes, and was one of the most-watched televised sporting events of all time. The film also explores gender equality and the feminist movement, as King’s husband urged her to fight for equal pay while King struggled to come to terms with her sexuality.

Battle of the Sexes will hit theatres on Sept. 22!

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