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Julianne Hough Talks Married Life, Keeping Healthy in Health Magazine

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Dancer/Actress Julianne Hough is featured on the newest issue of Health Magazine, where she dishes on married life, how she stays healthy, and about her endometriosis.

Julianne took to her Instagram to write about her new cover, saying: “Thank you @healthmagazine making me this months cover girl! I had an absolute blast. I also can’t thank you enough for talking openly about endometriosis so that we can all get in the know about #MeInEndo !
Check out the magazine that hits stands this week to see the rest of the photoshoot and read my own story about #endometriosis xoxo Jules #healthmagazine #mpgsport #mpgbyjules”

Check out some of Julianne’s interview below!

On Married Life:

“I feel so much more sexy,” she says. “It’s so awesome. I love being married so much.”

“I’ve always wanted to be married and be a mom and have kids, but to be honest, all of that scared the s— out of me. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, to actually be married and committed to somebody, that just seems so grown-up.’ But the first thing that I felt when we got married was, ‘This is the complete opposite of scary. This is like home.'”

Julianne Hough for Health Magazine's November 2017 issue

On Working with a Trainer:

“I do, but I change it up. It’s not one specific trainer who does everything. I work with a trainer at Body by Simone or one at Tracy Anderson, or I’ll do SoulCycle or CorePower Yoga with different trainers. I’m a dancer, so I remember different combinations, so I’ll sometimes take what I’ve learned in classes and make my own workout.”

On her least favourite workout move:

“Oh my goodness. You know those sliding round disks where you put one foot there and you do your inner thighs, or you’re crossing behind? Anything to do with inner or outer thighs—that’s my struggle point, so I’m always trying to work on that part of my body. I love doing abs and I love doing arms, so legs are always the hardest for me. But they’re the most rewarding.”

Julianne Hough for Health Magazine's November 2017 issue

On how she stays healthy:

“Me time. If I don’t have my space for an hour, I feel overwhelmed and I need to just chill. That can be having a cup of tea by myself outside, going and getting gas—it doesn’t matter; I just need some time every day where I can think and put myself in a good place. I always try to wake up and think about three things that I’m grateful for: something that has happened already, something I’m currently grateful for, and something that I’m wanting that I can achieve that day.”

On her morning routine:

“I always wake up and we make fresh juices. It’s mainly kale, cucumber, spinach, sometimes beets, celery, lemon, ginger. For sweetness we’ll do apple or carrots. I have half a protein shake before I work out because I need a little bit of energy, but I’m one of those people who can’t have a full breakfast. Brooks can have, like, a tub of oatmeal, and I’m like, ‘I would throw up.’ When I finish the workout, I finish the protein shake. Then I come home and have a bowl of oatmeal and berries or something like that.”

Julianne Hough for Health Magazine's November 2017 issue

On if she has bad days:

“Oh my gosh, totally. And that’s the thing—I do try to stay as positive as possible, and people always comment on that, but I also work at it. It’s not that I’m, like, Miss Positive perfect girl, wake up and everything’s sunshine and rainbows.

“No, I have my days for sure. The other day, I was having a major endometriosis “episode” is what I call them, and I was just quiet. We went to the beach, and it was fine, but I wasn’t active. I didn’t want to play Spikeball and I didn’t want to play Frisbee, and later, Brooks was like, “Hey, are you OK?” I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m just not feeling very good.’ He was like, ‘Oh, I just thought you were in a bad mood. You need to tell me that because I don’t know.’ So, trust me, I have my days. Sometimes I don’t want to work out, and so sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I’m just like, ‘I deserve a day off—I’m fine.’ But sometimes I’m like, ‘No, come on, I know I’m gonna feel better afterward.’ The end result is always the best. There’s never been a time I’ve finished a workout and been like, ‘I totally regret doing that.'”

Julianne Hough for Health Magazine's November 2017 issue

On when she realized she has endometriosis:

“I thought I was just like every other girl—getting her period and having cramps. I’d see my mom and my sisters all have bad cramps, but being a dancer, I was like, ‘I’m fine. I’m a tough cookie.’ I remember moving to L.A. when I was 18, and my roommate had endo, and I was like, ‘Well, that sounds too medical, and I have no idea what that means. It’s over my head.’ But then I saw her and was like, ‘That looks like the kind of pain that I have.’ Again, I didn’t care because I was 18. Then I was on Dancing, during one of my last seasons as a dancer, and all of a sudden while I was dancing, something happened and I just doubled over. They cut to commercial, and my mom was in the audience that day, so she’s like, ‘You’re going to the hospital. I don’t care what you say.’ It took so long to figure out what was going on. Finally one doctor said, “I think you might have endometriosis, and it looks pretty bad.’ I needed surgery—I had it everywhere, to the point that they took my appendix out because it was so bad.”

Julianne Hough for Health Magazine's November 2017 issue

On what helps her pain:

“A hot bath. I have a hot water bottle that I call the boiling baby, and I sleep with it and put it next to me. Also, stretching and almost breaking a little bit of a sweat. You don’t have to, like, go for a run, but just getting my heart rate up helps with the blood flow.”

Julianne Hough for Health Magazine's November 2017 issue

You can read more from Julianne’s feature in the November 2017 issue of Health, or here.

Pictures: Health Magazine


Emma Stone’s trainer reveals how Emma put on 15 lbs. of lean muscle for ‘Battle of the Sexes’

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While preparing to take on the role of tennis star Billie Jean King in her new film Battle of the Sexes, actress Emma Stone hit the gym with her trainer Jason Walsh to transform her body into one of an athlete.

In a recent interview with People, trainer Jason Walsh revealed how he got Emma into the shape of an athlete:

“Emma was pretty light and had a very petite, dancer-type body,” Jason said. “I wanted to put some weight on her, some muscle on her. We really shifted the diet plan. She started taking in more good, healthy calories.”

“We started doing training geared toward getting more weight and muscle on her, so it was a little more believable onscreen, and also for her mind and her character.”

To do so, Emma upped her workout frequency from three to five times a week, and sometimes trained twice a day.

“She got really strong, I’m talking like, we were pushing and dragging sleds with hundreds of pounds, which was awesome to watch,” Jason said. “It really became fun for her. [She] would be like, hey, what kind of record are we going to beat this week with the weights?”

“She did up to 300 lbs. on her hip thrusts, which is insane,” Jason continued. “We’d do farmer walks where she would put heavy weights in her hands — we’d probably do 70-lb. dumbbells in each hand — just walking down the track. She’d do 185-lb. deadlifts and push ups with chains on her back, things that are outside of the scope of what she did before. She really started to enjoy and absorb what I was throwing at her,” says Walsh. “[At first] in her mind there’s disbelief about whether she could do any of this stuff, and when she’d do it she’d scream [with excitement].”

To make Emma’s role as Billie Jean King more believable, Jason also said: “We would do a lot of tennis moves, like L drills and stuff like that with bungee cords, quick foot box drills to make sure she had her footing and she understood the mind and the feet connection.”

While strength training was crucial for Emma’s training, Jason also said that meditation and stretching was also an important part of the star’s regime: “Meditation is an aspect of training that no one really talks about that we really implement and suggest. That mind body connection is incredible…it’s just as important as training the body,” he said.

Through her three months of training, Emma ended on putting on 15 lb.s of lean muscle – which she was thrilled about.

“She was ecstatic when she got on [the scale],” said Jason. “Most girls who get on the scale and gain weight freak out, [but] she had the biggest smile in the world when the weight started to increase.”

You can catch Emma in Battle of the Sexes, out September 22!


Lea Michele dishes on Fitness, her New Music and BFF Emma Roberts

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With just two days to go until Lea Michele‘s new album Places drops, the singer/actress sat down with E! News to chat about her new music, along with her love of fitness and her friendship with actress Emma Roberts

“I love working out,” Lea says on staying fit. “I work out to feel good but also so I can eat whatever I want. I want to be able to enjoy myself. I’m Italian. I like to eat big meals. I love red wine. And you know also when you’re traveling and stuff like that I like trying new restaurants and going on adventures, so I can’t limit myself.”

“I’m good in the sense that I’ve never eaten fast food. I do not drink soda. I don’t eat candy,” she says. “Like my house is healthy, so when I’m saying I’m eating a lot it’s like good food that’s worth it.”

As for her music, Lea reveals that her new album Places is a work where she has been able to open up and get personal:

“I feel like I’m in such an incredible place in my life right now, and there’s definitely those personal songs on the album and especially my concerts. I break down the songs and I tell everyone what they’re about, so that’s where I get really personal and that’s where I open up.”

“I try to keep my life as private as I can, but my music is where I really open up, and maybe we’ll Taylor Swift a few people left and right.”

During her interview, Lea also dished on her BFF Emma Roberts, whom she met while filming Scream Queens.

“It’s so fun,” Lea says about working with Emma. “The problem though is that Emma and I—we laugh—we have to like, I’ve done scenes where I have to pinch myself because we will laugh and we won’t be able to contain ourselves.”

“She’s the absolute best.”

Lea’s album Places will be available this Friday, April 28th!


‘Glee’ Star Jenna Ushkowitz Shares Her Fitness Journey with Fans

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Glee actress Jenna Ushkowitz shared her inspiring journey to a healthier lifestyle today on her official Tumblr page.

After having spent months sharing frequent fitness-inspired social media posts, Jenna updated fans on her journey by showing off the transformation her body has gone through as a result of her new healthy lifestyle.

In her new post, Jenna writes:

In honor of all my fitness posts, I am so proud to share with you my Before and After.

I started on this journey in February 2015. I have dropped 16 lbs and 8% body fat.

People have been asking me what I did to get here. This is a BALANCE of mental, physical and spiritual strength.
I’m not going to pretend I did this all myself. I sought out help from a nutritionist, therapist and trainer. I wanted to make myself accountable on all fronts. I know that people will say, “oh of course she did this, she had people watching over her…” But this is not the case. No one chastised me when I didn’t make a work out or didn’t eat right the night before. This was a test of willpower on my end. I tested and pushed myself to places mentally and physically I had never been or thought possible before.

I wrote out “wishes” for what my goals were while on this track and I taped them to my bathroom mirror to remind myself every morning when I woke up what I wanted for the day. It’s a day by day process. I had been working with my amazing trainer @bodyrebornfitness for years before I realized that it took more than just a work out to get where I wanted. I was stronger with every work out, but I wasn’t in the right headspace or eating correctly to get to the place I wanted to be.
I then grabbed a friend to go to Yoga with every morning. @sha_sha_fierce and I keep each other on track…so if you’re can’t afford a trainer- grab a friend and hit boot camp or a class every morning.

My eating became easier as I cleaned out my system of all the crap I had been putting in it previously. As soon as I got over the “hump” I couldn’t believe the change in my energy and sleep cycle and now I can’t imagine eating any other way. I never called it a “diet,” it’s a lifestyle change that I plan to continue for the rest of my life. It’s 100% mental as it is physical. It took a lot of will power and support but it was totally worth the results. Thank you for your constant support on my journey to a Better Jenna. For anyone out there wanting to do the same- remember this is YOUR journey and its on no one but you, and you alone to hold yourself accountable to make the changes you want to see:)


Ashley Tisdale Shares Her Fitness Tips in Health Magazine’s June 2015 Issue

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Actress Ashley Tisdale is radiant on the new June 2015 issue of Health magazine, where she reveals how she stays active and healthy despite her busy schedule.

Ashley is currently preparing to star on the new TBS Sitcom Clipped, premiering on June 16th. “This is my most mature role,” Ashley said during her interview with the magazine.

“I have never felt more confident with who I am,” she said. “I’m turning 30, so maybe it has something to do with age, but I love it.”

Ashley Tisdale

As for staying healthy and fit, Ashley’s advice to leading an active life is to:

“Dedicate at least an hour every day to something fitness-related,” she said. “Any physical activity helps your health and is also a good stress reliever. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I work with my trainer, Jason Walsh. I do kickboxing on Thursday. And I’ll squeeze in a sculpt yoga class on, like, Tuesday.”

“Yoga is my favorite thing to do because it’s so much more than a workout,” Ashley shared when asked about her favourite workouts. “It’s a spiritual and mentally-good-for-you experience.”

“Cardio is not my favorite. I usually do the StairMaster, but to be on one machine for a long time? It’s hard for me to just stay there,” She continued. “My trainer has this amazing class he opened called Rise Nation. It’s a climber, and a great class because you’re doing it to music and not by yourself on a machine. It’s 30 minutes but so hard-core. I’m not a big spin fan.”

Ashley Tisdale

When asked about the hardest part of staying healthy, Ashley said:

“Diet, because I love food. You can work out as much as you want, but if your diet isn’t where it should be, you’re never going to get to where you want to go. Just because you do an hour of exercise, what about the rest of the hours of the day? [Laughs] An hour is not a lot. There are 23 more hours. What are you going to do with them?”

Be sure to pick up the new issue of Health for Ashley’s full feature! You can read more of her interview here


Lea Michele Shares Her Beauty & Health Secrets with Organic Spa Magazine

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f there’s anything we’ve learned from actress/singer Lea Michele‘s book Brunette Ambition, it’s that the star always takes time to take care of herself, no matter how busy she gets.

Now, the Glee star has dished to Organic Spa Magazine on how she keeps herself feeling beautiful – on the inside and out, while even sharing a few of her favourite recipes!

“It’s not something that happens overnight.” Lea says on feeling comfortable in her own skin. “Although I’m grateful that I was raised to be happy in my own skin, it’s not always easy. Sometimes what you hear and think you need to be can start to be that little annoying voice in your head.”

“But I think taking great care of yourself and being kind to your heart and body is a good place to start.” Lea continues, “And always surrounding yourself with people who uplift you. Remember it starts inside; to feel truly beautiful you have to love yourself inside and out.”

Lea Michele

Checkout some of Lea’s favorite ways to stay healthy & happy below!

Favorite home spa indulgences:

Creating my own body scrubs and bath concoctions!

Keeping her acne-prone skin under control:

I have a great dermatologist, Dr . Howe in New York City, who saved my skin when I was a teenager. Since then I always take the best care of my skin: staying hydrated, using good products, eating right, making sure to give it time to breathe.

On being a vegetarian:

I’ve always been an animal lover, so that’s where it started for me. But I try to listen to my body and make sure I’m getting everything I need. Right now I’m pescatarian. So I’m incorporating some fish into my diet.

Lea’s favourite comfort foods:

If I’m going to indulge I try to at least make sure it’s organic.

That way it can be more of a guilt-free indulgence. I still treat myself (I love the grilled cheese from In-N-Out Burger in LA) but I get just as great of a treat from Annie’s Mac and Cheese or Amy’s Pizza. I also love Barbara’s Bakery Organic Cheese Puff snacks.

Creating smoothies and juices is one of my favorite things to do. But my all-time favorite comfort foods are New York pizza and bagels.

On maintaining her inner beauty:

Yoga is such an amazing practice. I believe starting on the inside creates true beauty on the outside. Practicing self-love, eating well, being active and always laughing…

On her workout motivation:

I always feel best after I work out. It boosts my endorphins and wipes away any stress. So knowing how good I’m going to feel is always what motivates me.

Favorite Juicing Recipes:


Blend three leaves of kale (de-stemmed, torn and chopped), one handful of spinach, four pieces of celery, the juice of two lemons and a chopped apple. Advanced juicers tend to cut out the apple and add a few leaves of romaine or a handful of parsley instead.


Blend a glass of water with the juice of two whole lemons, half a cucumber, four to six cubes of watermelon and a few shavings of fresh ginger.