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WATCH: Logan Paul becomes a Small Town Mayor in New Episode of ‘Logan Paul Vs’

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Check out this new clip from next week’s episode, Logan Paul Vs., in which Logan takes over a small town by becoming their mayor!

In the new episode titled Logan Paul Vs. Small Town Mayor, Logan becomes the Mayor of Ruston, Louisiana for a weekend, and uses his mayoral power to enact new laws, make some big promises and give citizens the surprise of a lifetime.

The episode will be available on Oct. 17, 2017, and can be watched exclusively on Watchable.

Logan Paul Vs. is a Studio71 and Watchable web series that features Internet sensation Logan Paul as he takes on any challenge that comes his way. According to Watchable, “Once the challenge is accepted, viewers are transported to a stunning unscripted scenario where Logan does all he can to succeed. Whether he’s hustling across America, slackening the Moab Desert, or hunting the greatest beasts in the Southern swamps, Logan will maintain his trademark sense of humor during the most intense and palm sweating situations.”