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WATCH: Matt Lanter in New Trailer for NBC Drama ‘Timeless’

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The first look at NBC’s upcoming drama Timeless is here!

Former 90210 actor Matt Lanter stars in the new series alongside Abigail Spencer, Malcom Barrett, as they play a soldier, history professor, and scientist who use a time machine to travel back in time to critical events in an effort to stop a mysterius criminal who has gone to the past to change history.

Check out the trailer above!

Are YOU going to watch Timeless this Fall?

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WATCH: First Look at Cara Delevingne in Upcoming Drama ‘Timeless’

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21-year old model Cara Delevingne is about to make her debut on the silver screen!

Venturing out from her highly successful modelling career, Cara will be appearing in her very first major acting role in the drama Timeless, a production for Playhouse Presents.

According to The Telegraph, Cara will be taking on the role of: “Chloe, a young woman who is looking after her great-grandmother Alice, played by Syms, while her mother and grandmother are away on a cruise. The unlikely pair bond across the generation gap after Chloe is given devastating news about her iance, a soldier serving in Afghanistan. The story is described as an “engaging tale of love, loss and hope.””

Cara has always been vocal about her aspiration to branch out from modelling into acting, saying: “Modelling is a great job, and I appreciate everything it has brought me, but it’s not my passion. As far back as I can remember I have wanted to act.”

Timeless is currently set to air on June 19th.