Beau Mirchoff On Girlfriend Jeanine Mason “I had never met anyone else like her.”

Awkward star Beau Mirchoff recently sat down with Glamour, where he opened up about his relationship with girlfriend Jeanine Mason, while also giving out some dating advice!

Beau and Jeanine have been dating: “Three and a half years. She won So You Think You Can Dance season five. We met at our acting studio, but we were never in the same class. I saw her at the party, and I asked this guy, “Who is that?” Then I mustered up the courage to go up and talk to her.”

Beau went on to describe their first encounter, explaining: “She was talking with these guys. I was a goofball that whole night, so I walked right into her conversation and just started laughing! She thought it was endearing, even though it probably looked like crazy behavior. I asked her to lunch the next day, and she said yes. So we went to lunch the next day! I was in sandals and it was pouring rain.”

Continuing on about why he was attracted to her, Beau said: “She was laughing a lot and smiling. She’s the opposite of ditzy. She’s young, but has a very womanly quality about her that I found very attractive.”

“It’s not something I really thought about.” Beau said when asked how he knew he wanted to see Jeanine again. “I just loved her personality. She was smart, fun, and cool, and we had similar likes. I didn’t really even think about it, I just knew I wanted to see her again.”

Check out some more excerpts from the interview below!

Glamour: I love that you flat out asked her to lunch. So many guys these days is that they just want to “hang out.” It’s that gray area that’s so frustrating!
Beau: I can’t answer for all guys, obviously, but in my opinion guys that aren’t directly asking you out either just got out of a relationship and don’t want to be in one, or he likes you, but the shoe doesn’t fit.

Glamour: We’re going to play a fill-in-the-blank game. If a guy is into you, he will….
Beau: NOT play hard to get because guys that like you don’t do that.
Glamour: If a guy isn’t sure about you romantically, he will….
Beau: He’ll take his time. I always know if there’s a spark. It’s unequivocal. But if a guy is really unsure, that’s not a good sign. He should just know.
Glamour: What I love most about my girlfriend is when she….
Beau: Makes me breakfast. Eggs and toast! She’ll just make them without me saying anything.

Glamour: How soon into your relationship did you guys start spending the night together? Is there an art to the timing of it?
Beau: Yes. There’s something to girls being a little more reserved at first. Guys like the chase.
Glamour: It drives me nuts when guys say they don’t like to play games, but it is a game when you’re just starting out. You can’t show all your cards in the beginning, and I mean that in the healthiest way. You don’t want to seem so available.
Beau: A healthy relationship is always two different entities, but they compliment each other. It’s not one person just relying on the other because they have their own lives and do their own things. That’s attractive, at least to me. I don’t want some girl that won’t be able to exist without me.

Glamour: What qualities about Jeanine made you want to be exclusive with her?
Beau: Oh wow. These are all questions I’ve probably never actually thought of! [Laughs] Here’s the thing about Jeanine…I had never met anyone else like her. She’s smarter than anyone I’ve ever met, and she thinks a little differently than I. You know how you complement each other like that? We’re both smart, but she has a different perspective on things, which I like. That complements me nicely, so I like that. She’s also so talented, which is so attractive. She graduated from UCLA, she’s an amazing world-class dancer, and yet she’s a better actor than she is a dancer. All that…that’s very attractive.
Glamour: Was she your physical type also? What is your physical type?
Beau: Yes. She’s Cuban. She’s very exotic. She’s from Miami. Opposites attract! So that was cool. I like that flair that she has. She says what’s on her mind. She doesn’t ‘play games.’

Glamour: If a guy really likes a girl, will it matter if she wants to wait a…
Beau: Nope!
Glamour: I didn’t even finish asking the question!
Beau: Haha. I knew where you were going, and it won’t matter.
Glamour: I’m not even talking about waiting for sex until marriage or until you’re exclusive. Just waiting longer than a few dates.
Beau: It won’t matter. Not including someone’s religious beliefs, but no, it won’t matter. If there’s that attraction and they want to, that’s great. But if a woman wants to wait, at least for a bit, at least until she knows where he’s at, that’s fine, and you have to respect that. If a guy isn’t willing to do that, then he’s a douchebag and doesn’t really like you. He’s just in it for the physical reasons.
Glamour: What would Jeanine say is the quirkiest thing about you?
Beau: I have no fashion sense, so I’ll go to the gym in wool socks with shorts, and she’ll say, “Who are you? What are you doing?” I’m just kind of clueless with these things.

Glamour: OK, making travel plans with a girl you’ve been dating for less than three months: Do or Don’t?
Beau: That’s tough. I think just be honest about it. I think you can. If you’re both really into each other, and there’s a deal on Groupon, like three nights in San Francisco, I think you present the idea… “Hey, I know it’s a little early in the relationship: however, I really think it’d be fun to go to San Francisco with you.”

Glamour: Do or Don’t: breaking up with someone via text message.
Beau: Don’t!
Glamour: At what point can you still get away with a text message break-up if it hasn’t been that long?
Beau: That’s when you do the slow fade. First date, nothing is set in stone, obviously. You stop texting as much and become a bit more distant and unavailable. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to be completely blunt and honest with someone. That’s hard to do as a human. You never want to be mean.
Glamour: Do or Don’t: the girl reaching out after the first date?
Beau: Sure. Do. Guys love that. Oh yeah, especially because the veil has fallen. Women have all the power. They should at least, and they do. If a guy is into a girl, they have all the power. So if a guy gets a text from a girl, that’s awesome. We know she’s into us. That’s a definitive sign.

Glamour: Let’s say you’re clearly dating a guy, but he’s not introducing you as his girlfriend. Should the girl bring it up if she wants to be his girlfriend?
Beau: It’s like the change of a season…you don’t really notice it. It’s just all of a sudden. Like, “Oh wow, it’s a lot hotter than it used to be!” You just become something, so don’t have the talk. You don’t need it [if it’s the right relationship]. It will happen on its own.

Glamour: If you’ve been dating for less than a couple months and it’s your birthday, should a girl get you a present? If so, what should it be?
Beau: Do. You can’t not get the guy something.
Glamour: Do you take them to dinner and get a gift? Or just go to dinner?
Beau: Hmm, that’s tough. If it’s a few months, yeah, take the guy to dinner and get him something small.
Glamour: Like what? That’s the tough part!
Beau: Something personal is always good, but never the gift card. I made that mistake once with Jeanine. I got her a gift card to Amazon, and a year later she said, “You never give a gift card to someone.” It’s tough! I don’t know. Take her to the movies? I don’t know? Yeah, just take them to dinner. These are really good questions!

You can check out the full interview here! Don’t forget to catch Beau on Awkward on MTV!

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