Caley Camarillo’s Mom Opens Up: “Miley [Cyrus] showed Caley such compassion”

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On Friday (June 13), singer Miley Cyrus reached out to support a young fan Caley Camarillo, who was battling cystic fibrosis at only 12 years old.

Miley reportedly sent Caley an uplifting video message, hoping to brighten Caley’s spirits. When Caley received the video, Miley tells Caley she’s still praying for her, but Caley sadly passed away just a few hours after watching the video.

“I would really like to express how then and now Miley showed Caley such compassion,” Caley’s mother Teresa wrote on her Facebook. “I want everyone to know that it was I that decided to make the video public. Miley and I were communicating privately, and she did not send the video over YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. This was a private discussion between her and I, and she wanted to send Caley some words of encouragement. I myself didn’t know when the video came in that we were only an hour away from losing our previous daughter. No matter what Miley does in her life has no impact on mine, but what she did for my daughter is remarkable and that’s what I will hold in my heart forever.”

A few days later, Miley continued to show her support for her young fan, dedicating her concert on Sunday to Caley.

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Caley Camarillo’s Mom Opens Up: “Miley [Cyrus] showed Caley such compassion”

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