Holland Roden Dishes on Teen Wolf Season 4!

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With all the shocking twists and turns that happened last season, fans have been anxiously awaiting the new season of MTV’s Teen Wolf to see what goes down!

One of the shows stars Holland Roden, who plays Lydia, spoke with Teen about what to expect from the highly anticipated fourth season of the show – and who Lydia may or may not be hooking up with!

WARNING: Some of this interview contains spoilers for those who have not yet caught up with all three seasons!

After the shocking death of Allison last season, how is her best friend Lydia dealing with it? Holland explains: “Of course like any significant loss, Allison will always be somewhere in the back of Lydia’s mind — be it consciously or subconsciously.”

Although Allison may no longer be in the picture, there has definitely been an increase of females on the show as Kira and Malia return after several of the guys left the show (Isaac, Ethan, Aiden). How does Holland feel about having more girls on set? “When I have to get touch-ups, it’s definitely not as lonesome.” the star said.

Will there be romance in Lydia’s future this season? Holland remained coy on the subject, saying: “TBD… ;)” As for hints at a Stiles/Lydia relationship in the show, Holland said: “The fans will have to decide what they think!”

Holland also said that the next big players coming in this season to stir up some trouble: “They would scare me in broad daylight…”

Check out Holland’s full interview here!

Teen Wolf season 4 premieres on June 23rd on MTV!

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    June 24, 2014

    I would lyk to be an actress bt I don’t have the capital to help me begin

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Holland Roden Dishes on Teen Wolf Season 4!

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