Pretty Little Liars’ Shay Mitchell on Revealing A’s Identity “We need a whole season afterwards to explain”

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As the fifth season of Pretty Little Liars just kicked off this month, fans have been awaiting for the identity of the ‘A’ to finally be revealed. However, once the mastermind behind all the plotting has been revealed, will that mean the show will be over?

According to PLL star Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily Fields, the show doesn’t have to end once ‘A’ is revealed!

“I think that A could be found and there could still be problems,” Shay explained in a recent interview. “I still think we could dive in deeper into what led this person to do what they did and torment the girls in this way. And I would want to know the planning of how they did everything, so when you hit Hanna with that car, who was driving? How did you set that up? I think we need a whole season afterwards to explain how this was able to happen.”

The new season isn’t all about ‘A’ anymore either, with Alison back after being thought dead for the past four seasons, now the friends must adjust to having their friend back in their lives.

“I just think that now that Allison’s back she might not realize how much the girls have changed,” Shay said.

“They were all little followers of her before and now they’re very strong and independent in their own right. Having the Queen Bee come back—you might not be the Queen Bee anymore. I think for each of the girls they have their own problems that they’re going through now that Allison’s back. They thought it was going to be a piece of cake and what they all wanted and they’re realizing it’s not going to be as easy as they thought. I think for Emily it has a lot to do with her relationship with Page. It’s trying to figure out where her and Allison stand. Is it still that love that she had for her before on a romantic level or is it just friends?”

While we’re all kept hanging over who ‘A’ really is, Shay has admitted that she doesn’t know who it is either!

“Like everyone else, I want to know who this person is and I want to know how they’re doing it and I want to know when the girls will be able to just throw their cell phones away and move to a remote island because that’s what I would be doing a long time ago,” she dished. “Goodbye, school, I’m just going. Pack your bags. But then we wouldn’t have a show and I wouldn’t have a job.”

Be sure to tune into a new episode of PLL tomorrow night on ABC Family at 8/7 central!

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Pretty Little Liars’ Shay Mitchell on Revealing A’s Identity “We need a whole season afterwards to explain”

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