Zendaya Takes Over Rolling Out Magazine!

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While her new Disney Channel Original movie Zapped just premiered last night, 17-year-old Zendaya has continued to pop up everywhere, from landing a new movie role to becoming the newest face of a clothing line.

Now, Zendaya has taken over the newest issue of Rolling Out Magazine, where she opens up about her future projects, as well as her role in Zapped.

While at her photo shoot for the mag, Zendaya opened up on her newest role playing the late signer Aaliyah in an upcoming biopic: “I’m inspired by a lot of Aaliyah’s music and her sound and her look,” Zendaya said. “Her voice was soft and she had a wide range of fans because of her look and sound. I definitely look up to her.”

As for her latest movie, Zapped, Zendaya dished on her unusual role as a girl who can control boys through an app on her phone.

“Although the concept is out there a little bit, I wanted to make it real so that everyone could connect with the storyline,” Zendaya said. “My character realizes that you have to love people for who they are and understand their circumstances. Although it’s a little far-fetched, it’s really cute and fun for the family. I think everyone will enjoy it and will be able to relate to it. Everyone can find a character that they find similar to themselves. That’s what I think people will take from this movie.”

As for her music, Zendaya says: “People already think about me based on my Disney background and they already assume certain things about me.”

“I wanted to give the dopest and coolest music you’ve ever heard that is family friendly, and you’re going to like it. I did that and I’m very proud of it. I found a way to make music that I like and that I would enjoy that is family appropriate. I wanted to create music that was edgy and mixed with R&B and pop. I wanted to create a sound of my own that people would enjoy without it being vulgar. I think some of the best artists in the world, like Michael Jackson, don’t have to curse or do something crazy just so they can get people to enjoy their songs.”

Be sure to check out Zendaya’s full interview here!

Did YOU watch Zapped last night?

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