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American Horror Story's Emma Roberts & Evan Peters attend Comic-Con 2014 – TEEN DAILY

American Horror Story’s Emma Roberts & Evan Peters attend Comic-Con 2014


o-stars and couple Emma Roberts and Evan Peters had a jam-packed day on Saturday (July 26), as they made their way to Comic-Con International 2014 to promote their television series American Horror Story: Coven.

During the day, the actor and actress sat down with the rest of the American Horror Story cast for their press panel, where they dished on the upcoming season, before heading to Twentieth Century Fox Television’s Comic-Con Stars & Producers Cocktail Party.

Later on that night, Emma stepped out once more to attend Entertainment Weekly’s Annual Comic-Con Celebration with co-star Sarah Paulson.

The new season of AHS, called American Horror Story: Freakshow, will be taking place in the 1950s in Jupiter, Florida, with the cast taking on new characters. Emma will be playing Maggie, and the star revealed that this character won’t a villain like her previous character Madison was.

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American Horror Story’s Emma Roberts & Evan Peters attend Comic-Con 2014

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