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Are the Jonas Brothers Planning to Reunite? – TEEN DAILY

Are the Jonas Brothers Planning to Reunite?

After calling off their new album and tour last summer, the Jonas Brothers just might be planning on getting back together for a special tour!

Rumour has it that Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Kevin Jonas are planning on reuniting before the end of summer, having put their differences behind them.

“The Jonas Brothers have settled their differences and are going to be reuniting by the end of this summer!” A source told Radar Online.

“The boys are extremely close and have realized that they need each other more than they would like to believe.” the source added on the conflict between the brothers. “Kevin has adapted well to fatherhood, Joe is doing really well and has seemed to have beaten his demons and Nick just really wants to get back to making music.”

Would YOU want to see the Jonas Brothers reunite?

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Are the Jonas Brothers Planning to Reunite?

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