Ed Sheeran Reveals His Guilty Pleasure is Listening to Justin Bieber’s Music!

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British hit maker Ed Sheeran recently sat down with Cosmopolitan, where he cleared up dating rumours about BFF Taylor Swift, talked about his worst date, and more!

When asked about the biggest misconception there is about him, Ed said: “The world is convinced that Taylor [Swift] and I dated. Everyone, even my friends are like, “Yeah, but you did, right?” I haven’t. I legitimately haven’t.”

Although he may not have dated Taylor, Ed has managed to become considered a hot guy in the eyes of his fans.

Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift

“I never expected any of this to happen.” Ed admitted. “I think attractive men are quite threatening, because they know they’re attractive and go in with a sort of confidence that can be very unattractive. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. People in pop bands usually look quite nice, but the boy next-door is going to look like a normal person. I don’t think I look like a pop star.”

Ed also revealed that Justin Bieber‘s album is his current guilty pleasure, saying: “Justin Bieber’s album, Journals. What he’s done in the press has completely overshadowed how good that album is.”

Ed Sheeran

Ed on his worst Date:
That’s what one of the singles [on X] is about — the girl I was seeing slept with my friend at my own party while I was in the same hotel.

On his desired superpower:
The power of healing. Whenever anyone gets ill — terminal cancer, fucking leukemia — you can just go “Bam!” and they’re well again. My grandfather had Alzheimer’s, so he was never quite aware of who I was. If I could have just clicked my fingers … You’d be very busy. You’d spend your whole time in hospitals, but the power of healing would be the best.

Ed’s new album X is out now! Be sure to check it out!

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