Lea Michele Shares Her Beauty & Health Secrets with Organic Spa Magazine

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f there’s anything we’ve learned from actress/singer Lea Michele‘s book Brunette Ambition, it’s that the star always takes time to take care of herself, no matter how busy she gets.

Now, the Glee star has dished to Organic Spa Magazine on how she keeps herself feeling beautiful – on the inside and out, while even sharing a few of her favourite recipes!

“It’s not something that happens overnight.” Lea says on feeling comfortable in her own skin. “Although I’m grateful that I was raised to be happy in my own skin, it’s not always easy. Sometimes what you hear and think you need to be can start to be that little annoying voice in your head.”

“But I think taking great care of yourself and being kind to your heart and body is a good place to start.” Lea continues, “And always surrounding yourself with people who uplift you. Remember it starts inside; to feel truly beautiful you have to love yourself inside and out.”

Lea Michele

Checkout some of Lea’s favorite ways to stay healthy & happy below!

Favorite home spa indulgences:

Creating my own body scrubs and bath concoctions!

Keeping her acne-prone skin under control:

I have a great dermatologist, Dr . Howe in New York City, who saved my skin when I was a teenager. Since then I always take the best care of my skin: staying hydrated, using good products, eating right, making sure to give it time to breathe.

On being a vegetarian:

I’ve always been an animal lover, so that’s where it started for me. But I try to listen to my body and make sure I’m getting everything I need. Right now I’m pescatarian. So I’m incorporating some fish into my diet.

Lea’s favourite comfort foods:

If I’m going to indulge I try to at least make sure it’s organic.

That way it can be more of a guilt-free indulgence. I still treat myself (I love the grilled cheese from In-N-Out Burger in LA) but I get just as great of a treat from Annie’s Mac and Cheese or Amy’s Pizza. I also love Barbara’s Bakery Organic Cheese Puff snacks.

Creating smoothies and juices is one of my favorite things to do. But my all-time favorite comfort foods are New York pizza and bagels.

On maintaining her inner beauty:

Yoga is such an amazing practice. I believe starting on the inside creates true beauty on the outside. Practicing self-love, eating well, being active and always laughing…

On her workout motivation:

I always feel best after I work out. It boosts my endorphins and wipes away any stress. So knowing how good I’m going to feel is always what motivates me.

Favorite Juicing Recipes:


Blend three leaves of kale (de-stemmed, torn and chopped), one handful of spinach, four pieces of celery, the juice of two lemons and a chopped apple. Advanced juicers tend to cut out the apple and add a few leaves of romaine or a handful of parsley instead.


Blend a glass of water with the juice of two whole lemons, half a cucumber, four to six cubes of watermelon and a few shavings of fresh ginger.

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Lea Michele Shares Her Beauty & Health Secrets with Organic Spa Magazine

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