‘The 100’ Cast Dishes on What’s to Come in Season 2 at Comic-Con 2014


oining the many celebrities flocking to San Diego, California for Comic-Con International 2014 on Friday (July 25) were the stars of the CW’s hit show The 100.

Marie Avgeropoulos and Eliza Taylor joined co-stars Isaiah Washington, Ricky Whittle, Devon Bostick, and Lindsey Morgan at the event, where they did an interview with SiriusXM, while also dropping by the Microsoft VIP Lounge to Skype with some lucky fans.

Later on, the group sat down for their Comic-Con panel, where they dished on what’s to come in Season 2.

Here are some of the highlights from The 100 panel, from Zap2it:

On New Romances:“Probably more like casual survival sex,” producer Jason Rothenberg dished. “The love story is important and has its place for sure but icing on the cake is a strong word for it. It’s more about survival but romance will come.”

On Jaha’s fate: Isaiah Washington simply teased: “It will be special, it will be special.”

On Moutain Men & Mount Weather: “We’ll understand why these people are fighting so hard to maintain this little patch of Eden,” Rothenberg says. “I don’t think the people in Mount Weather necessarily knew they were there until they blew up the bridge in episode 10,” Rothenberg continues. “That was the iconic image of the end of the world that the Mountain Men would have grown up fearing. So that was the moment that woke the sleeping giant.”

On the Grown-Ups On the Ground: “We started with a ‘Lord of the Flies’ scenario and now with the grown ups on the ground, the story changes fairly significantly,” Rothenberg says. “The 100 who used to fight each other is now a band of brothers hardened by this environment.”

Watch out for Season 2 of The 100 when it premieres on October 22nd on the CW!

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