WATCH: Taylor Swift Dishes on her Fashion Faves & Fails “I don’t look good in a trouser”


inger Taylor Swift is known for her signature red lipstick and classic style, but has also had her fair share of testing out trends – the good and the bad.

In Teen Vogue’s Breakfast with Bevan, Taylor sits down to chat about her fashion likes and dislikes, along with some fashion fails she’s experienced in the past.

“I don’t look good in a trouser. Or slacks.” Taylor reveals when dishing on what she doesn’t like to wear.

As for what she DOES like to wear, the singer dished on her favourite red carpet look so far, saying: “I got to wear this Oscar de la Renta gown to the MET Ball and it was ballet pink and it had a bow in the back, had a long train, it was classic and simple. That was my favourite.”

While Taylor may have mastered her signature style now, the artist hasn’t always been proud of the looks she’s rocked.

“Passing trends happen to be the things that you look back, and you go ‘Whoah. I really did that, didn’t I?’” Taylor says.

Taylor Swift

“Everybody has some embarrassing photo. My high school pictures are like…it’s tragic. My style forever was going to be cornrows. I took my school pictures with the cornrows. It really thrust me into understanding what it’s like to not have anywhere to sit in the cafeteria.”

Check out everything Taylor had to say on style in her interview below!

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WATCH: Taylor Swift Dishes on her Fashion Faves & Fails “I don’t look good in a trouser”

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