Demi Lovato Has some Fun in The Sun on a Tropical Vacation


aking some time off from her hectic schedule, singer Demi Lovato has jetted off to a tropical vacation, where she’s been soaking up the sun with some fun activities.

The 21-year-old Neon Lights singer has been sharing some snapshots of her vacation with fans online, as she swims with stingrays and even gives one a kiss! The singer jokes with the picture she shared: “I mean… We practically made out.”

Demi also filmed a funny video for fans while swimming in a neon bikini at her bungalo.

Looks like Demi is having a blast! Check out some of her vacation pics below!

“That one time I was swimming under the glass in my bungalow…… And got sucked away by the current….. “

“Oh hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Mr. Stingray (btw – that was just ONE of about 20 I was swimming with) more coming soon.”

“Um…. excuse me sir.. Would that be debit or credit?? #randomwedgies #heycoolshorts”

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Demi Lovato Has some Fun in The Sun on a Tropical Vacation

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