Britt Robertson dishes on ‘Tomorrowland’ and Boyfriend Dylan O’Brien

After starring in the romantic movie The Longest Ride earlier this year, actress Britt Robertson is taking over the silver screen once more with her new movie Tomorrowland.

The 25-year-old actress recently chatted with Teen about her new movie, while also dishing on how she and her boyfriend Dylan O’Brien make their relationship work despite their busy schedules.

In Tomorrowland, Britt stars as Casey Newton, a girl who gets recruited to go to an exciting new place called Tomorrowland alongside George Clooney’s character Frank.

“Casey is sort of a technical whiz and her dream is to work at NASA,” Britt says of her character. “Her dad is a NASA engineer but they’re disassembling all their equipment that goes out to outer-space, so it doesn’t seem like a promising future for her. But she’s still looking up and she’s still optimistic.”

Britt Robertson, George Clooney, Brad Bird, Raffey Cassidy

When asked if she’s similar to Casey in real life, Britt says: “I mean I’m not totally opposite from her. I don’t know if I’m as optimistic as she is. I definitely learned from her. I played her for seven months and she rubbed off on me a little bit.”

While filming the movie, Britt’s boyfriend Dylan O’Brien also found time to visit her on-set. The actress reveals that the two often have to plan their schedules to visit each other, since both are frequently busy with their own projects.

“Nothing is a surprise with us two. We’re always working so we have to coordinate vacations and trips to see each other meticulously. It’s a very difficult process combining our schedules and making them work. So, it’s never a surprise.” She says.

Britt Robertson, Dylan O'Brien

How do they make their relationship work?

“You know, you just find the time to be with one another. Truthfully, I think it helps that we both have our work going on at the same time. It keeps us satisfied and separate from each other. Having time together becomes a bonus.”

“He hates it when I’m on set when he’s working and vice versa. I hate when he’s on set watching me work. I think it’s because we’re both actors and very aware of the process. A big part of the job is disconnecting from the people watching and the masses of crews. I think it makes sense that we’re a little shy and sensitive about working in front of our significant others. To me it makes sense. It’s nice that we both don’t like it. When I go visit him I don’t even go on set. And, when he visits me it’s very rare that I’ll go on set.”

Despite the fact that they starred in The First Time together, Britt reveals that she and Dylan never run lines together while prepping for new roles.

“Never. I don’t know why. I guess it’s just a really sensitive thing for me. I’m like that with my family, too. People that I care about I just don’t want to be privy to the whole process of what it takes to be an actor.”

Be sure to check out Britt’s full interview here!

You can also catch Britt in Tomorrowland, in theatres now!

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  • Thomas Mann
    May 26, 2015

    This article just made my day…er night actually. I just love hearing that they (Dylan and Britt) are still ok. The things she said here really made me smile. I love them as actors and as a couple and I would be so excited to ever see them in a movie together again… their on screen chemistry in The First Time was amazing… some producer should take notice!

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Britt Robertson dishes on ‘Tomorrowland’ and Boyfriend Dylan O’Brien

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