WATCH: Anna Kendrick Smashes Eggs on her Head with Jimmy Fallon

Things got a little messy during Anna Kendrick‘s visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon!

Anna made an appearance on the late night talk show on Tuesday (May 12) to promote her new movie Pitch Perfect 2 before its release on May 15th. During her visit, Anna sat down with Jimmy Fallon to play a game of Egg Russian Roulette where they took turns smashing eggs on their heads not knowing whether or not they were raw or hard-boiled.

Before the game, Anna also sat down to chat about the movie and the support that fans have given her.

“I love everything I get to do on social media,” Anna said. “I’m loving this thing that’s happening right now where people are sending pictures of themselves of them infront of a [Pitch Perfect] 2 poster in the pose that Beca’s doing and they’re tagging it Beca Effin Mitchell.”

The tag has gotten so popular that even Anna’s mom has been following it!

Check out Anna’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon below! Pitch Perfect 2 hits theatres this Friday (May 15).

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WATCH: Anna Kendrick Smashes Eggs on her Head with Jimmy Fallon

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