Ed Sheeran On One Direction Split: “If you’re unhappy it’s best to go your separate ways”

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In preparation for his hosting duties at this weekend’s Much Music Video Awards in Toronto, Canada, singer Ed Sheeran has opened up in a new interview on why he chooses to attend the MMVAs every year, along with what he’s got in store music-wise for future albums.

“It’s a lot like British award shows. You can have a drink or two. Most American award shows don’t serve alcohol and as a result are very dry.” Ed tells The National Post when asked why he enjoys the Canadian award show.

As for expecting to take home awards during award shows, “I know that, generally speaking, if they’re not in England I won’t win anything,” he says. “I don’t think because I’m hosting I’m going to start winning awards. If I win something I want it to be because I’ve earned it.”

Apart from his hosting duties, Ed has been busy writing new songs for his next album. He says, “Apart from this right now, I’m working a new album so I’m writing for me. I’ve given myself a year. I’ve written about 60 songs and 10 of them are really great.”

In addition, Ed also commented on the recent separation of One Direction after Zayn Malik left the group a couple of months ago.

When asked to comment, Ed says: “Let’s just say if you’re unhappy it’s best to go your separate ways.”

As for the rest of 1D, Ed adds, “Oh, they’ll be fine.”

Be sure to tune into the Much Music Video Awards on Sunday June 21 on Much!

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Ed Sheeran On One Direction Split: “If you’re unhappy it’s best to go your separate ways”

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