Hunter Hayes on his Fans: “I cherish those connections.”

Country artist Hunter Hayes may be busy on the road touring with Lady Antebellum, but the 23-year-old singer has revealed that he loves touring to connect with his fans.

“The relationship is that we see each other at multiple shows,” Hunter says in a recent interview with ET Online. “We’ve seen them at a lot of shows and we know each other. That’s the thing, there’s no thinking about it. You just go and you hang — you hang with your friends because that’s what it’s about. That’s why we make music. We make these connections, and I cherish those connections.”

Hunter has also dedicated himself to giving his fans more of what they want through making the decision to release digital-only singles rather than physical albums.

“I write hundreds of songs for a record so much gets left behind, whereas maybe in this world with this new idea, this new thing, we don’t have to leave stuff behind anymore,” he exaplains.

Hunter continues, “It’s really exciting as a creator to not only create, but also to be able to listen to the fans and specifically listen to when they want it, how often they want music, and all that stuff.”

“Maybe every couple of weeks we’ll start throwing out some new music and see what the fans want,” he says of possible future plans.

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Hunter Hayes on his Fans: “I cherish those connections.”

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