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Sabrina Carpenter Reveals Her Album is: "A diary of my past year and a half" – TEEN DAILY

Sabrina Carpenter Reveals Her Album is: “A diary of my past year and a half”

Actress/singer Sabrina Carpenter stuns on the new July 2015 issue of Nation-Alist Magazine, where she opens up on her debut album Eyes Wide Open.

“I started singing from the second I knew my voice could make melodies,” Sabrina says of always knowing she wanted to be a singer. “I was about 2 years old! I was about 10 when I started the concept of writing in my head, but I think it’s only started to kick in this past year. I’ve taken it much more seriously and found it fun.”

She continues, “If I’m just jotting ideas down I can be anywhere in the world. But if I’m full out songwriting I probably should do it in the bathrooms of restaurants.”

Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina recently released her debut album Eyes Wide Open, featuring her singles We’ll Be The Stars and Can’t Blame a Girl For Trying.

“The making of the album was a full out learning experience and kind of a diary of my past year and a half in a way,” she says. “If it’s even possible, I’m learning more now that it’s out than I did in the midst of it cause I’m looking at the overall picture of it. I know the things I want to fix next time and I have so many ideas I’m just ready to keep moving.”

Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina has been busy wrapping up season two of Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World and planning tour dates to support her album; however, the Disney star has revealed how she likes to spend down time when she manages to squeeze it in:

“I spend a lot of time with my sisters. I wish I could spend more time with them though,” she says. “When we’re together we really just like to have girl talk and catch each other up on life. And eat ice cream.”

Other than family time, Sabrina also reveals: “When I get a break, it’s usually a Disneyland day. I never got to go as a kid living in PA so it was only the past year that I went for the first time and now it’s a treat.”

Sabrina Carpenter

As for being in the spotlight and having fans look up to her, Sabrina says:

“I’m human, and I want them to know that. Cause we’re all the same. I’m just doing what I love and I hope I can help them find inspiration to want to do what they love and be the best person they can be. Cause any one of them could change the world for the better. It makes me honoured to know they like me for who I am.”

Be sure to check out Nation-Alist Magazine for Sabrina’s full feature!

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Sabrina Carpenter Reveals Her Album is: “A diary of my past year and a half”

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