Taylor Swift Helps Fans Make Their Pregnancy Announcement!

This baby is going to be a Swiftie for sure!

While hanging out with fans backstage after her Louisville concert, singer Taylor Swift helped Jesse and Lindsey Rasmussen make their exciting pregnancy announcement by snapping a pic with the couple holding a sign reading ‘Baby’s First Concert’.

“We had the sign and the pictures with us sort of hidden just in case we chickened out. We were both kind of nervous,” Jesse says to E!. “Then she walked into the room and just started hugging people. That was the cool thing. She didn’t just sort of shake your hand and say hi. She comes up and hugs you and thanks you first.”

“I just kind of blurted it out,” he continues. “‘Hey we’re having a baby! Can you help us tell everyone?’ She seemed so surprised and touched by the request. There wasn’t a hint of hesitation. She thought it was so cool!”

“She is a very sweet and genuine person and I hope to meet her again someday so I can express our gratitude and perhaps let her meet our little one (a future Swifty!).”

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Taylor Swift Helps Fans Make Their Pregnancy Announcement!

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