Nick Jonas Talks Going Solo & Miley Cyrus in New Interview

After leaving his Disney and boy-band days behind him, Nick Jonas has opened up on what it’s been like finding success as a solo artist.

“The biggest compliment is when people hear my music and don’t believe it’s me,” Nick says in his new interview with I-D Magazine, talking about life after The Jonas Brothers.

“Every day there’s an element of risk. How are people going to react? I don’t put any pressure on myself. There’s an acceptance for me as a solo artist, as a man. But if people don’t like me, I’m not crushed.”

Nick Jonas

When writing his solo album Nick Jonas, which features his hit songs Chains and Jealous, Nick revealed that he looks to artists like Frank Ocean, Jhené Aiko and The Weeknd for inspiration.

“I also look up to Kanye and Lady Gaga,” he says. “She makes an impact without being afraid of anything. Unapologetic artistry is the best. You respect the people who are moving and shaking and not listening to anybody’s naysaying. That’s the kind of artist I hope to be,” he says. “With the Brothers, it wasn’t always very human. Now I say what I want.”

During his interview, Nick also spoke about former Disney colleague and ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus, saying: “I’m blown away by her, she’s fearless. Disney was our high school. We all dated and broke each other’s…” he pauses. “There’s a lot of life lived between all of us.”

Nick Jonas

You can check out Nick’s full interview at I-D Magazine!

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Nick Jonas Talks Going Solo & Miley Cyrus in New Interview

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