Selena Gomez in Rolling Stone: “I’m glad my life was never perfect.”

Actress/Singer Selena Gomez opened up to Rolling Stone recently, discussing her mature new sound, along with about her new Justin Bieber, and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

The 23-year-old debuted her new sound in 2015 with her hit single Good For You, off of her new album Revival. “When I heard that song, I freaked out,” Selena said. “I felt confident and comfortable in who I am. I felt sexy. I was aching to do stuff like that.”

Selena also addressed the speculation over her song Same Old Love and who it’s about, with many assuming that the single is about Selena’s on-and-off again romance with ex Justin Bieber. When asked about the assumptions people will make about the song, Selena said:

“It’s a song about a cycle, a cycle that people understand. It drives you mad, but it’s beautiful. People have seen most of the choices that I’ve made in my life. And I love every choice that I’ve made. Because now I understand how to apply that to my music. This is who I am. I’m glad my life was never perfect.”


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As for the Instagram video of Justin singing to her before the AMAs, Selena says: “Well, I am sorry, first of all. And honestly, what I would love to be printed is that I am so beyond done with talking about that, and him.”

When asked if the video made Selena’s American Music Awards performance any harder, she said: “Not at all. I don’t alter my life because of what people are going to talk about. If I go and have a great time, I live my life and nothing is going to dictate how I feel unless I let it.”

Selena also recently performed during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. When asked what it was like, the singer said:
“Man, it makes you want to work out and not eat anything. I did feel really short, but it was really fun. And the pressure wasn’t all on me. It was great to be able to dance with these beautiful women.”

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Be sure to check out Selena’s full interview here

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Selena Gomez in Rolling Stone: “I’m glad my life was never perfect.”

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