Zoey Deutch on ‘Dirty Grandpa’: “The movie just keeps surprising you in terms of how crazy it is”

Actress Zoey Deutch recently spoke with Vanity Fair about some of her upcoming projects, including this month’s Dirty Grandpa and the comedy Everybody Wants Some.

Zoey can first be seen in Dirty Grandpa on January 22nd alongside Zac Efron, Robert DeNiro, and Aubrey Plaza, in which she plays a college student who crosses paths with Zac and Robert DeNiro’s characters.

“I’m an environmentally-conscious college student in Miami, who takes a spring break trip to Daytona Beach with her best friends — where they run into Jason (Zac Efron). And then insanity ensues,” Zoey says.

When talking about what she loves about the movie, the Vampire Academy actress shares: “I shot it, so you’d think I’d have some concept of how raunchy and funny it is. But the movie just keeps surprising you in terms of how crazy it is.”


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As for working with Robert and Zac, Zoey says: “Robert is hilarious, and he’s kind, and amazing. And Zace is just the most charming creature on earth. He really is just like 129% charm. And you’re like, ‘come on, I’ll crack that charm code!’ He’s really respectful, and he cares so much, and he understands the responsibility that comes along with being the lead of a movie.”

The 21-year-old also revealed that she’s never had a spring break like the one she experienced in the movie, saying: “I feel like I experience things people might say I’m missing out on onscreen. Like, I didn’t have a real graduation, but I did it in a movie; I didn’t have a real spring break trip, but I did it in this.”

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Zoey will also be starring in another comedy titled Everybody Wants Some, which will be released in April 2016, where she takes on the plays a student once more: “Beverly is a first-year student in college,” Zoey explains, “and she’s a juxtaposition between the life she’s about to lead with a baseball player, and being very politically involved and passionate about the arts.”

She be full MarthaStew (apple pie not pictured). Meet Sabrina. #TheYearOfSpectacularMen

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During her interview, Zoey also dishes on working on The Year of Spectacular Men, which her mother Lea Thompson directed, opening up on what it was like working with her mom:

“I love for the director I’m working with to always be right;” she says, “that’s ideal, and I hate it when my mom is always right, because it’s frustrating. And in this instance, the director — my mom — was always right, so it felt both ideal and frustrating, simultaneously.”

As for what project she’s most proud of, Zoey says:

“I’m not quite sure, but it’s been a weird experience, the past year. Like I loved acting two years ago, but in the past year, I feel like I’ve fallen in love.”

Be sure to catch Zoey in Dirty Grandpa – in theatres January 22nd!

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Zoey Deutch on ‘Dirty Grandpa’: “The movie just keeps surprising you in terms of how crazy it is”

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