Nick Jonas Talks Being Single and Celebrity Crushes with Complex

Actor and singer Nick Jonas recently opened up to Complex Magazine for their newest issue, where he talks about being single, his rumoured fling with Kate Hudson, and his celebrity crushes.

Nick has had a jam-packed year in 2015, with his self-titled album climbing the charts with hits like Jealous and Chains, and his acting career taking off with roles in Kingdom and FOX’s Scream Queens.

During his hectic year, Nick also split from his girlfriend of Olivia Culpo in June, putting the singer back on the market for the first time in two years.

On dating after his split from Olivia Culpo:

Nick Jonas, Olivia Culpo

“Naturally I’m going to pull a lot from that,” Nick says on writing about his split for his next album. “Not even so much about that relationship in particular, but about my state of mind, who I want to be. I’m meeting new people, and what that has been like. Also, just as a general change in my life. This year has been kind of nuts.”

“It was first excitement to have freedom to be whoever I wanted to be, be my own person. Then the feeling of being disheartened by what’s out there. Then getting into crazy artist mode and throwing it all out, the good, bad, and ugly,” he says. “Then meeting people, making a real effort to open up and be free as a person. I’ve met some people that are amazing. And my current situation is that I’m very much single, but I’m trying to be as open to people who can inspire me in some way.”

On using social media for dates:

While venturing into the dating scene again, Nick admitted that he sometimes sends DM to ladies on Instagram to set up dates:
“Slide right in there sometimes,” he says. “And then you’ll text the person and finally meet the person. It’s like online dating. Even that freaks me the fuck out. I’m like, should it be a group? Just the person? It’s scary.”

On the Kate Hudson hookup rumours:

Nick Jonas, Kate Hudson

“Kate’s incredible. We had an unbelievable connection as two humans who just admire things about each other, and see something in each other that’s beautiful. Out of my best effort to respect her and her privacy, I’m not going to say if we had sex or not. But we did have a beautiful connection. Even now I have so much admiration and respect. She’s amazing.”

Nick on his celebrity crushes:

When asked about his celebrity crushes, Nick cited Game of Thrones‘s Emilia Clarke, and Amy Schumer as his crushes, adding: “I know they are besties, so I can’t really say this, but Jennifer Lawrence, too.”

Be sure to check out Complex Magazine’s newest issue for Nick’s full feature!

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Nick Jonas Talks Being Single and Celebrity Crushes with Complex

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