The 100’s Bob Morley talks Bellamy in Season 3: “He’s trying to really define who he is”

Now that the CW’s hit show The 100 is back in full swing, fans can expect even further character development in the show, as characters as further transformed from the arrival of the adults, and the new drama unfolding between the inhabitants of Earth.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bob Morley dished on what fans can expect to see from his character Bellamy in the new season:

On His Character, Bellamy:

“I think in season 3, he’s trying to really define who he is. He has stepped away from a leadership role and under the wing of Kane, is being modeled into being a good leader, a more balanced leader, as opposed to being so hotheaded and emotional when making a decision. But as Pike comes along, the lines blur a bit, and Bellamy’s emotions do get the better of him. He can’t help but be passionate and start to go back to his old ways of being an emotionally based leader, as opposed to a pragmatic leader.”

On the changes Bellamy has undergone:

“Bellamy was, like you said, kind of a black-and-white douche in the pilot, but he always had a heart, and his sister was the key to that. He had a big heart, but would make very rash decisions based on emotions. In his development, I feel like he stayed true to that the whole way… though he’s probably got better hair now. [Laughs] ”

On Season 3:

“There’s the issue of sustainability and there not being enough food. That’s going to be a major issue for everyone on the ground. Though that’s not being touched on that much, it is what drives Pike … Alie’s obviously one to watch out for, she plays a huge role. Season 3 gets quite sci-fi, and even I and the rest of the cast would have to really read and reread the scripts to make sure we’re all following what’s happening with the artificial intelligence world. Luckily for me, Bellamy was pretty in the dark about that whole thing, so I could play dumb quite easily. … Watching Bellamy kind of get a bit left behind [the high-tech world] is fun. His story was always kind of low-tech.”

Be sure to check out The 100 when it airs on Thursdays at 9PM ET on the CW. You can also check out Bob’s full interview here!

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The 100’s Bob Morley talks Bellamy in Season 3: “He’s trying to really define who he is”

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