Daisy Ridley in Talks to Star in ‘Ophelia’

Star Wars star Daisy Ridley is reportedly in the final talks to star in an upcoming film titled Ophelia, which will be a re-imagining of Shakespeare‘s Hamlet through the eyes of the character Ophelia.

In Hamlet, Ophelia is Hamlet’s lover who is: “driven mad by Hamlet’s erratic behavior toward her, especially, as well as those around him. Unbeknownst to Ophelia, he also kills her father Polonius. Overcome by grief, she later is found drowned. It is not entirely clear in the play if she killed herself or simply suffered an accident.”

According to Deadline, both Daisy and Naomi Watts are in talks to star in the film, which will be directed y Claire McCarthy.

Since the smash-hit Star Wars, Daisy has been in high demand for roles, and is said to be in talks to star in both an fantasy thriller titled Kolma and a Holocaust drama titled The Lost Wife.

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Daisy Ridley in Talks to Star in ‘Ophelia’

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