Emilia Clarke on Game of Thrones: “That ain’t no body double!”

After last night’s episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones, some fans were left wondering if Emilia Clarke uses a body double while filming nude scenes for the show.

The actress recently chatted with Entertainment Weekly, where she dished on the show and cleared up any rumours about a body double.

WARNING: Contains Spoilers from the May 15th episode of Game of Thrones

“It’s so exciting, very tingly-making,” Emilia says of the burning scene from last night’s episode. “Every season I get at least one spine-chilling moment. I just stand up and I go, ‘I’m hearing what you’re all saying, but funny thing, I’m going to kill you all. I forgot that I have an ace in my back pocket and now I win.’”

“She realizes that this is the missing piece,” Clarke says of taking out the Dothraki leadership. “The Dothraki are the missing piece of her crew – she’s seemingly indestructible having Dothraki on her side.”

As for her nude scene, Emilia says:

“I’d like to remind people the last time I took my clothes off was season 3,” she says. “That was awhile ago. It’s now season 6. But this is all me, all proud, all strong. I’m just feeling genuinely happy I said ‘Yes.’ That ain’t no body double!”

“Taking off my clothes is not the easiest thing, but with the magic of the effects, I don’t have to do a season 1 and go on a cliff and do it. I’m in control of it.”

Read more from Emilia’s interview here.

You can catch Emilia in Game of Throne every Sunday on HBO! Her new movie Me Before You will also be hitting theaters on June 3rd!

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Emilia Clarke on Game of Thrones: “That ain’t no body double!”

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