Fifth Harmony are a Vision in White for Fashion Magazine’s Summer Issue

If Fifth Harmony‘s new Billboard Magazine cover isn’t enough for you Harmonizers, the girls of 5H are also gracing the new summer 2016 issue of Canada’s Fashion magazine!

On the new issue, Lauren Jauregui, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane Hansen, Ally Brooke, and Camila Cabello all show off fresh summer looks with all-white outfits, before sharing their work tips, celebrity heros, and more during their interviews.

Lauren Jauregui for Fashion Magazine Summer 2016

Lauren Jauregui

Style Icons: Lana Del Rey and Kate Moss
Dream Duet: Flume
M.O.: “When men like Justin Trudeau talk about how important it is to be a feminist, it inspires more people to be that way. When the non-oppressed speak out on behalf of the oppressed, that’s when change happens.”
Celebrity Hero: Education activist Malala Yousafzai
Work Tip: “Stop the name-calling and stop telling people what to wear or how to act. I wish I could just ban using ‘slut’ anywhere. I hate that fucking word.”

Camila Cabello for Fashion Magazine Summer 2016

Camila Cabello

Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn
Dream Duet: Ed Sheeran
M.O.: “Confidence comes with experience and growth. I used to be insecure, so I stopped reading hateful comments on Twitter. I cut that out of my life. That’s when I grew into a person I was proud of.”
Celebrity Hero: Taylor Swift
Work Tip: “There’s this excerpt from Bossypants by Tina Fey: ‘The most important lesson you’ll learn in your career is that people will teach you to scope out the women in an audition or a job interview. The reality is that it’s not just women, everybody is your competition.’”

Ally Brooke for Fashion Magazine Summer 2016

Ally Brooke Hernandez

Style Icon: Jennifer Lopez
Dream Duet: Justin Timberlake
M.O.: “When you start this young [in pop music], people expect you to be at your full potential by 15 or 19 or 22. That’s impossible. You’ve gotta work on it. That’s what we are doing.”
Celebrity Hero: Jennifer Lopez
Work Tip: “As women, we’ve got to root for each other more—this means on the internet, in the office or wherever life takes us.”

Normani Kordei

Normani Kordei for Fashion Magazine Summer 2016
Style Icons: Sarah Jessica Parker and Ciara
Dream Duet: Kendrick Lamar
M.O.: “Fifth Harmony are all feminists. It’s our duty to reach out to people and let them know a woman can be just as powerful as a man can be.”
Celebrity Hero: Michelle Obama
Work Tip: “Nobody is less than anybody else.”

Dinah Jane Hansen

Dinah Jane Hansen for Fashion Magazine Summer 2016
Style Icons: Rihanna and Kim Kardashian
Dream Duet: Mariah Carey
M.O.: “We’re not perfect. When you look at all of us, some of us have a double chin, somebody’s belly button is out, some of us don’t have perfect skin—but together, we’ve learned to love ourselves as is.”
Celebrity Hero: Rihanna
Work Tip: “We need to be truthful with one another in the workplace. It’s also important to be loyal so we can get rid of the stereotype of girls against girls. It’s the only way we can all excel.”

Be sure to pick up the newest issue of Fashion magazine to see Fifth Harmony’s full feature! You can also read more at

Fifth Harmony’s new album 7/27 hits shelves on May 27th!

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Fifth Harmony are a Vision in White for Fashion Magazine’s Summer Issue

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