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Is Lea Michele Dating iZombie's Robert Buckley? – TEEN DAILY

Is Lea Michele Dating iZombie’s Robert Buckley?

Does Lea Michele have a new man in her life?

People has reported that Lea is currently dating actor Robert Buckley, who is best known for his current role on the CW’s iZombie.

“They like each other,” a source told People. “They’re getting to know each other.”

Before this, Lea was dating Matthew Paetz for nearly two years, before the pair called it quits a couple months ago in late February.

Despite who’s shes dating, Lea has been keeping busy with her active lifestyle and spending some extra quality time with her mother for Mother’s Day this past weekend, which she captured in some sweet snaps on her instagram:

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Is Lea Michele Dating iZombie’s Robert Buckley?

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