Sophie Turner Shows Off her Sporty Side for SELF Magazine

Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner graces the new June 2016 issue of SELF magazine, where she dishes on her how she got in shape for X-Men: Apocalypse, the similarities between her characters, and how a healthy lifestyle has changed her.

On Growing up on the Game of Thrones Set:

“[It] makes you grow up faster. But it also ignites that playfulness within you.”

Sophie Turner Self Magazine

On Prepping for X-Men:

“I needed to get in shape—and quick!” Sophie says.

“During the shoot I went hard. And that hasn’t stopped.”

To get in shape, Sophie did full-body workouts for three months doing everything from hill sprints, kettlebells, resistance bands, and burpees: “It was all outside, around London, which was more fun than being cooped up in a gym. I need to do fun stuff that takes my mind off the fact that I’m working out.”

Sophie Turner Self Magazine

On Exercise and Eating Healthy:

“Exercise has made me feel more positive about my body, less self-conscious. I don’t know if I look any different, but I feel stronger, and I can do more, which is such a good feeling. It’s so liberating.”

Sophie Turner Self Magazine

On the Similarities Between her GoT and X-Men Characters and Herself:

“Both Jean and Sansa are strong characters with such great arcs. Neither starts out strong, but they find that power within them, whether literally or metaphorically.”

“I found a lot of parallels between Jean and myself psychologically. Her journey is trying to figure out who she is, surviving the hormones and the boys, which are loaded on top of the fact that she’s a superpowerful mutant. I haven’t had that last bit to deal with! But I’ve had the challenge of growing up and having horrible skin and all the things that make you feel uncomfortable as a teenager, and knowing that everyone can see it—because 50 percent of them point it out to you.”

You can read more from Sophie’s interview here. Also, be sure to pick up the new June 2016 issue of SELF to see her full feature!

X-Men Apocalypse hits theatres on May 27th.

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Sophie Turner Shows Off her Sporty Side for SELF Magazine

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